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Amid Turmoil, Zoom+Care Workers Vent Online

Employees continue lashing out about working conditions at the neighborhood clinics.
September 29, 2017

Amid the turmoil surrounding Zoom+Care, former employees continue to speak out, saying they left after being belittled and yelled at, while their managers expected them to work at below market wages. These are among the latest comments to appear on Glassdoor, a national employee database with information on working conditions, CEO approval ratings and salary reports.

“This job turnover is super high,” wrote a former phlebotomist who worked at the Zoom clinics in Seattle. “Everyone is already looking for other jobs because we're paid so poorly for doing a million things at once and then getting yelled at when we miss one thing. Upper management micromanages so hard and literally will only quote the precious Zoom playbook. Those who have talked back have been nitpicked harder than any other associate and are threatened to be fired over mistakes that others make as well.”

“As a clinic associate, you don't get listened to, dismissed, and, worst of all, blamed for anything that happens,” the former employee wrote.

The same person wrote that new clinic associates are assigned three jobs upon -- checking people in, running labs and dispensing meds. “And that's just when you start. Once you're phlebotomy certified, they expect you to do blood draws while everything else is going on.”

“If you want people to stop quitting in three months, you have to pay them livable wages,” this former employee wrote, in advice to management. “Actually, be transparent when you advertise because a lot of us didn't know that the owners were looking to sell the company.” Zoom is owned by doctors Dave Sanders and Albert DiPiero, along with funder Endeavour Capital.

Reviews such as this aren’t an anomaly among Zoom employees. For the past few months, there’s been a rash of negative comments about working conditions.

“If you like to be a cog in a machine, this company is for you,” according to a physician assistant at Zoom for more than a year. “It does not support critical thinking, instead, it pushes its play book rules to follow and forces 15 minute visits without the ability to add breaks or reprieve without consulting an outside clinic support center. The rules are enforced by managers who have NO medical experience (these are the people telling providers how to practice, while their background is in retail or food management). The company is only about one thing, making money, at the expense of the provider sanity and any valued care for their patients.”

The physician assistant continued: “You work only 3.5 days per week. Pay is competitive, but likely because it is the only way to entice people to work for this sad company. Their insurance and health benefits, however, are quite poor. And I hear they just slashed the pay of a few of their employees which is concerning. If you have other options, take them.”

That person also gave some advice to management, writing, “You talk about transparency and respecting your providers, yet you hide behind lies and treat providers like retail employees. Start living by your words”.

A family nurse practitioner in Portland wrote:

“The positive reviews on here are obvious fake reviews from the management that stink of desperation. This company looks great on paper, but fails miserably in practice. Very few pros. Working 3.5 days a week is one of the only ones mentionable.

“Very rigid company structure that does not encourage independent thinking. Either you do things the Zoom way or you can leave. Everything is protocol driven and they severely restrict your ability to practice as a clinician. You don't get to use your clinical acumen. You are forced to practice in a very specific way that is highly retail driven. Their managers have retail rather than clinical backgrounds yet they dictate how you practice.”

This employee told management to back off, writing, “Let your providers practice as they have been trained. Stop trying to force your doctrine on everyone.”

A former employee wrote that “management treats providers and associates poorly. Management is on a power hungry kick right and when they speak to you there is little respect; they have no medical background and tell you how to interact with patients and constantly question you, much like being micromanaged. Overall, the company does not view patients as people seeking care, but rather consumers who are purchasing a product that Zoom Care is trying to get the most money for as possible.”

The former employee continued at length:

“Furthermore, Zoom Care Associates are trained to do blood draws, but the training isn't national certified and is only good within the company. Makes me question their medical ethics if they are not training phlebotomists with accredited material but rather have current employees who do not have much medical background/knowledge train phlebotomy.

“Additionally, doctors/providers at Zoom Care I've found care the most about patients. However, I have also seen providers really not care about patients and again see them only as dollar signs. If you are looking to work here, you should check the news to see the lawsuits that Zoom Care is dealing with currently. With the current law suit, Zoom Care is paying off the lawsuit by decreasing the pay of naturopathic doctors by 25 percent of their contracted rate which they agreed upon hiring. It is ridiculous and shows Zoom Care does not even care about providers or clinic staff, just money. The pay for Zoom Care associates is also laughable. The role is essentially requires running a medical clinic for a small pay of $14/hour. Zoom Care should pay employees more for all they work they do, they literally keep the place running.

“There is little professionalism and little support from managers. They should hire people with a medical background instead of these managers who have backgrounds in retail or make-up stores. Ridiculous.”

However, all the reviews on Glassdoor aren’t negative. A current employee only had good things to say about the company.

“ZOOM+Care is very focused on finding new ways to deliver better patient care and experience. It is refreshing to see how invested we are in our mission. Zoom is very ownership focused which inspires me to bring my full self to work every day. Work life balance here is very good and has been flexible when I have needed it. My co-workers are great and they help keep the fun culture that we have going. Executive management is always on-site and present.”

The current employee continued: “Zoom loves to push boundaries and there is consistent change at all levels. If you are not comfortable with change you will struggle.”

And, that person told management, “Keep up the open communication and transparency! Overall things are pretty good.”

All told, 113 employees have posted reviews on Glassdoor, with 23 percent approving of the CEO, Dave Sanders, while 24 percent said they’d recommend the company to a friend. Diane can be reached at [email protected]