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Insurance Exchange Takes Advice from Small Business Owners

The Lund Report
Using insurance agents to disseminate information and network at trade conferences is key to spreading word about the exchange, they said


July 12, 2013—Four small business owners encouraged the board of directors of the state’s developing health insurance exchange to use insurance agents and network with trade associations to educate small businesses about the exchange and its upcoming enrollment period beginning October 1.

Klamath County’s Mental Health Services Under Transition

A non-profit will likely begin operating county-provided mental health services later this summer


July 8, 2013—For a few weeks in late May and early June, it looked like Klamath County’s county-operated mental health programs would shut down or be disrupted. But frantic negotiations and the involvement of the Oregon Health Authority is preventing that from happening.

Oregon Health Policy Board Begins Process for Rate Review, Other Reforms

The Lund Report
Regulatory and legislative recommendations will be finalized by the end of the year.

July 3, 2013—The Oregon Health Policy Board is beginning a six-month process to develop recommendations to reform various parts of Oregon’s healthcare system to follow federal requirements in the Affordable Care Act, expand the coordinated model of care being pioneered by Oregon Health Plan providers, and bolster Oregon’s insurance rate review process.

Traditional Healthcare Workers Join CCO Movement

The Lund Report
This work force is intended to help people lead healthier lives, as well as save money

July 1, 2013—Traditional health workers and their impact on Oregon’s healthcare system, particularly the Oregon Health Plan, were the subject of an all-day conference sponsored by Acumentra Health last week.

Lack of Additional Start-up Funding Not Expected to Impact CCO Applications

The Lund Report
Many providers say they’re not surprised

June 29, 2012—A recent announcement from the Oregon Health Authority that there would not be additional funding to help the newly forming coordinated care organizations with their initial start up costs has caused at least one organization to put on the brakes. But many are not surprised, and say it won’t effect their intention to apply.

Initial All Payer, All Claims Data Reveals a Lot of Unknowns

The Lund Report
Even though the data has been collected for the past two years, more can be done to analyze the data to understand trends in healthcare costs and utilization

June 29, 2012—More work needs to be done on Oregon’s all payer, all claims database before state officials have a better grasp of healthcare costs and an idea of which services are being used more than others, according to a recent report given to the Health Policy Board.

Supreme Court Ruling Met With Relief in Oregon

The Lund Report
Oregon’s reforms will continue without disruption or loss of necessary funding

June 28, 2012—Today’s Supreme Court ruling largely upholding President Barack Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and its provisions means it’s full steam ahead for the state’s health insurance exchange, creation of coordinated care organizations, and other reforms being implemented in the state.


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