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Oregon’s Health CO-OPs and Insurance Exchange Expect to Collaborate

The Lund Report
Since the CO-OPs health plans will be offered through the exchange, those plans must meet all the exchange’s requirements

May 14, 2012—Anticipating future collaboration, representatives of Oregon’s two developing healthcare CO-OPs gave a presentation to the state health insurance exchange’s board last week.

Cascade Comprehensive Care and Klamath County Commissioner Engage in Public Dispute

The Lund Report
Cascade Comprehensive Care insists it receive a letter of support from the board of commissioners supporting their application to be a coordinated care organization

May 9, 2012--What started as a steady stream of emails between Cascade Comprehensive Care and Klamath County Commissioner Cheryl Hukill relating to the managed care organization’s interest in becoming a coordinated care organization turned into a testy public spat in the pages of the Klamath

Planned Parenthood Sees Opportunity in Fallout From Komen Decision

The Lund Report
Providers are working to increase access of preventive women’s care to uninsured, poor women not on the Oregon Health Plan

April 27, 2012—Komen’s decision to defund Planned Parenthood at the national level did not financially affect Planned Parenthood of the Columbia-Willamette, but its CEO, David Greenberg, thinks there will be some long-term impacts nonetheless.

Panel on Health Reform Focuses on Ditching the Insurance Industry

The Lund Report
Prominent healthcare critics speaking in Portland staunchly support and defend a single payer system

April 27, 2012—Three prominent critics of the country’s current healthcare system and ardent reform advocates appeared in Portland today to discuss their views on health reform, President Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and what ought to be done to ensure that everyone has access to quality healthcare.

Consumer Advocates Create Watchdog Group to Monitor CCO Development

The Lund Report
By sharing information and resources, they hope to make a stronger impact on CCO development

April 27, 2012—Healthcare and social justice advocates are joining together to form an ad- hoc “CCO Watchdog” group to closely monitor the implementation of coordinated care organizations throughout the state and advocate on behalf of Oregon Health Plan members.

The Oregon Center for Public Policy and Oregon Action are spearheading the effort.

Consumer Advocates Keep Careful Eye on Essential Health Benefit Workgroup

The Lund Report
Determining the state’s benchmark plan for an essential health benefit package is a “narrow” decision to make, but will have major ramifications for Oregon consumers

April 25, 2012—The stakes are high for choosing an insurance plan that will define Oregon’s essential health benefits package, even though the question the recent Governor-appointed essential health benefit workgroup will answer is a wonky one—especially considering that the workgroup will get into the nitty gritty details of comparing insurance plans.

Dental Care Organizations Want to Get a Jump Start on Transformation

The Lund Report
But Mike Shirtcliff, who thinks it’s important for dental organizations to get involved early, reports problems regarding being involved with a CCO’s formation

April 25, 2012—Although dental care organizations aren’t required to become a part of the transformation process until 2014, two groups are getting a jump start.

Mike Shirtcliff, the CEO and president of Advantage Dental, doesn’t see any reason to wait. His company, based in Redmond, provides dental care to about 187,000 people on the Oregon Health Plan, and was listed in six letters of intent sent to the Oregon Health Authority from coordinated care organizations interested in integrating mental, physical and dental healthcare for people on the Oregon Health Plan.

Department of Corrections’ TPA May Create CCO for Prisoners and Parolees

The Lund Report
The organization already has experience coordinating care in Colorado

April 25, 2012— Eyebrows almost instantaneously raised during the Oregon Health Policy Board’s meeting earlier this month when board members realized that an organization serving the Department of Corrections’ inmates had submitted a letter of intent to become a coordinated care organization (CCO).

Insurance Agents to Play Critical Role in Oregon’s Insurance Exchange

The Lund Report
At the same time, agents will need special training and have to meet specific criteria to become eligible

April 16, 2012--The Oregon Health Insurance Exchange wants to train and use insurance agents to help uninsured individuals and small businesses purchase insurance starting in 2014. But questions remain about the role of insurance agents and their impact on consumers who may rely on them for advice. 


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