Jackson Care Connect eliminates barrier to healthy activity

The Pear Blossom Mayor’s Cup run is a one and two mile competition among students, families and friends from 22 elementary schools in Jackson County.

Last year, only three students from Medford’s Roosevelt Elementary School entered the run. This year there are 29 and the number is growing thanks to a partnership between Roosevelt Elementary, Jackson Care Connect and the Mayor’s Cup race director.

Roosevelt fourth grade teachers Barbara Culver and Karen Cooper wanted to increase participation. They talked with Mayor’s Cup Race Director Jeni Beck, who brought Heidi Hill into the conversation.

Heidi is the community engagement manager for Jackson Care Connect, a Coordinated Care Organization. “When Barbara and Jeni explained that transportation is an issue for many of Roosevelt’s kids because more than half of the families don’t own cars, I knew there was something that Jackson Care Connect could do,” Heidi explained.

Coordinated Care Organizations like Jackson Care Connect, play a unique role in community health care. In addition to coordinating physical, dental and mental health care for Oregon Health Plan members (Medicaid), they are encouraged to innovate in ways that can lead to healthier communities.

“One way we can do this is by helping to eliminate barriers like lack of transportation to access healthy activities,” Heidi said.

Jackson Care Connect has hired a school bus to take all of the kids, families and neighbors from the Roosevelt neighborhood to and from the race.

“These kids have so much spirit,” Jeni said. “It’s great to see so many from Roosevelt participating in the Mayor’s Cup.”


Pear Blossom Mayor’s Cup Race Schedule

Saturday, April 11, 2015

7:30 am – Mayor’s Cup school awards at the steps of the Justice Building
7:50 am – Mayor’s Cup 1 Mile start next to the Justice Building on 8th street
8:30 am – Mayor’s Cup 2 Mile start next to the Justice Building on 8th street


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About Jackson Care Connect

Jackson Care Connect is one of three Coordinated Care Organizations in Jackson County that brings together physical, behavioral and dental health services under a single plan – making it easier for Oregon Health Plan members to get the care they need. Jackson Care Connect partners with health care providers and other organizations to test innovative projects that will improve care and promote healthier communities.

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