Senate Votes to Give Public More Information About Low Vaccination Rates

Sen. Steiner Hayward argued that the information was essential to provide parents of kids who can’t be vaccinated to avoid putting them at risk of preventable diseases that could be carried by other kids simply because they’re not vaccinated. Each school will be required to conspicuously share data about vaccination rates, exposing those schools without herd immunity to greater public scrutiny.

The Senate Democrats and one Republican voted Tuesday to require all Oregon schools to share information about the school’s vaccination rate for preventable contagious diseases like polio and measles, providing parents with essential information to protect vulnerable children who cannot be vaccin

Senate Health Moves to Let Pharmacists Vaccinate More Children

At the same time, the Senate Health Committee held off a push from the Oregon Dental Association to give dentists the ability to administer shots. Both bills are designed to counteract Oregon’s drop in vaccination rates by improving access.

Update March 24:

The Senate passed SB 520 unanimously, sending the measure to the House.


How Does a University Decide to Vaccinate an Entire Student Body?

University of Oregon faces “monumental logistical effort,” and a potential bill as high as $7 million to offer vaccinations for strain of meningococcal disease that has killed one student and hospitalized three others.

Outbreaks of meningococcal disease keep popping up on college campuses across the country and attract plenty of media attention. But what doesn’t get much coverage is how different schools decide to offer vaccinations to their students.

Brown Supports Effort to Vaccinate All Oregon School Children

Despite helping vaccine skeptics introduce legislation as a state senator, Gov. Kate Brown’s spokeswoman said she never agreed with their position, and the new governor told reporters that she would work to eliminate vaccine exemptions for children who do not have a medical reason to get one.

Gov. Kate Brown pledged her support Friday for legislation that would eliminate non-medical excuses for not vaccinating school children, a measure pushed by physician Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, D-Portland, amid a growing measles epidemic.


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