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Oregon State Hospital Wants Patients to Keep Medicaid Insurance

Currently, people lose their Oregon Health Plan coverage when they enter the state mental hospital and must wait to have their insurance reinstated upon discharge. A change in law could provide a boost to CCOs, since they can’t be billed for care received in the state hospital.

Oregon State Hospital officials have a new strategy for ensuring patients do not have to worry about their health insurance when they leave -- never cutting off their Medicaid coverage in the first place.

Women’s Cancer Screening Gets Funded Along with Junction City Hospital

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Senate President Peter Courtney says he’ll keep fighting as he laments the failure of a dedicated tax for community mental health, while House Speaker Tina Kotek offers optimism that the state can improve services at all levels.


.July 9, 2013 — The Legislature found extra funding in its final budget for breast and cervical cancer screening, rural ambulance services, and dental fluoride programs for school children as it passed its budget resolution, House Bill 5008, before adjourning on Monday.

PSRB Updates Legislators on Releasing Patients from Oregon State Hospital

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Increasing the availability of different types of residential facilities is critical, according to Mary Claire Buckley

November 30, 2011— When legislators approved the Psychiatric Security Review Board’s (PSRB) budget earlier this year, they attached a string instructing the board to think of ways to move patients out of the Oregon State Hospital and into community treatment facilities. That string took the form of a “budget note.”

Construction Booming for Mental Health Hospitals

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A building boom may be good for capacity but it threatens to supplant community mental health options

October 12, 2009 -- As private mental health hospitals spring up across the state to compete with a new Oregon State Hospital building under construction, community mental health providers are crying out for their own funding.

Leaders at the highest levels in the state’s mental health system acknowledge the strange universe that funds hospitals for the mentally ill while allowing out-patient preventative care to whither.

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