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Consumers alerted to potential scams

Salem — The Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS) urges consumers to protect themselves from potential scams in light of the uncertainty caused by the financial troubles of Moda Health Plan Inc.

Insurance Rate Increases Could Disrupt Marketplace

OSPIRG, which represents consumers, will attempt to dissuade the Oregon Insurance Division from the high rate increases during public hearings in Salem next week.

Despite the preliminary decision by the Oregon Insurance Division to raise insurance premiums even higher than requested, consumer activists aren’t giving up hope. Jesse O’Brien, public health advocate for OSPIRG, had urged the Division to lower those rates, particularly for PacificSource. LIfewise and Moda Health, which, on average, could now see their rates jump by 35 percent next January.

Centene Expects to Pay $80-130 Million to Acquire Agate Resources

Agate is the parent company of Trillium Community Health Plan, which has more than 100,000 members in Lane County.

Criticism is mounting about the potential sale of a Medicaid-funded health plan to a Fortune 500 company. If the Oregon Insurance Division approves the sale, community activists fear other Medicaid plans will follow its lead, turning Oregon into a for-profit hot bed.

Moda Dominates Health Insurance Exchange

Preliminary numbers released by the Oregon Insurance Division on individual enrollment in the health insurance exchange once again show Moda has a dominant lead over its competitors.

Once again Moda Health Plan has walked away with the highest number of individual members on the health insurance exchange in Oregon – 101,374 people for a growth of 19 percent over last year.

House Passes Bill Increasing Transparency in Insurance Rate Approval Process

The Oregon Insurance Division will have to detail its decision-making assumptions in a preliminary finding, adding another step to the process of reviewing and setting health and life insurance rates for the individual and small business markets.

The House passed a bill designed to make the Oregon Insurance Division more transparent in its health insurance rate review process and offers insurance companies greater opportunity to appeal decisions they disagree with.

Health Co-Op Wants More Transparency from Insurance Division

Oregon’s Health Co-Op, which has struggled to get a foothold in the Oregon insurance market, has proposed legislation to provide insurers a better appeal process while requiring the Insurance Division to better explain its rate-setting decisions for plans sold on the individual and small business markets.

The Oregon Health Co-Op wants significant changes to the state’s health insurance rate review program, which its president says will provide more transparency to the review process and a better chance for due process than currently exists.

Insurance Enrollments Still Down 50,000 Heading into Open Enrollment

Cover Oregon chairwoman Liz Baxter blasted the way the Oregon Health Authority chose Kentucky for its Medicaid site, noting that the move came without transparency or any input from her board or the public, much like earlier decisions.

he Insurance Division released some new numbers Friday showing marked improvement in the number of enrollees who have transferred over to healthcare.gov, but as many as 50,000 people currently served by Cover Oregon may see a lapse in coverage if they didn't pick an insurance plan by Dec. 15.


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