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OHSU Surplus Note Doesn’t Come Due Until 2024

Meanwhile, mental health providers have raised concerns about the slow claim payments processed by Moda.

Now that Oregon Health & Science University has officially announced it’s not moving forward with an ownership stake in Moda Health, there’s a lingering question – what’s the status of the $50 million surplus note and back interest payments?

Radiation Therapy To Come To North Oregon Coast

Columbia Memorial Hospital and Oregon Health & Science University Collaborate to Expand Cancer Treatment Services in Astoria

ASTORIA, Ore. – Radiation therapy will soon be available close to home for people living at the mouth of the Columbia River.

OHSU Close to Reaching Knight Challenge Grant

Once OHSU meets the challenge, it will have $1 billion devoted to cancer research.

The foundation at Oregon Health & Science University is within shooting distance of meeting the $500 million challenge grant from Phil and Penny Knight.

President Joe Robertson announced at yesterday’s OHSU board meeting that victory was imminent, with $465 million raised to date.

Nurse Midwives Want to Be Assured of Hospital Admitting Privileges

HB 2930 gives nurse midwives admitting privileges for expectant mothers, if the midwives already have privileges to work at hospitals, where nearly all births take place for this class of midwives.

Rep. Alissa Keny-Guyer, D-Portland, has another bill this year to help the state’s midwives practice their time-honored profession -- this one requiring hospitals that let nurse midwives practice to also give them the ability to admit patients and share in the rights and responsibilities of other providers.

Loan Repayment Program Benefits Urban Areas More than Rural

Because the program re-established in 2013 is so focused on serving the Medicaid program, new providers in urban areas that have clinics focused heavily on the Oregon Health Plan are much more likely to receive help than new rural providers. Less than one-third of the recipients are practicing in the state’s hinterlands.

A loan repayment program that was created as part of the federal Medicaid waiver setting up the coordinated care organizations has benefited urban Oregon much more than the rural parts of the state.

What’s next after Cover Oregon?

OHSU president urges caution at Oregon Health Policy Board meeting as legislature moves quickly to dissolve the health insurance exchange.

Dr. Joe Robertson, the president of Oregon Health & Science University, sounded a cautionary note last week about the future oversight of the state’s health insurance exchange.

Pharmaceutical Companies Gave Millions of Dollars to Oregon Physicians

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Research Centers Eli Lilly was the largest contributor followed by Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline with and Merck in this comprehensive analysis conducted by ProPublica, an independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest. The Lund Report extrapolated the Oregon data to present these latest findings.

Pharmaceutical companies handed out at least $40.7 million to Oregon physicians and healthcare institutions between 2009 and 2003.Undoubtedly, this figure does not represent all of the money, according to ProPublica because of the voluntary participation.

Salem Health Has Its Eyes on Expansion

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Salem Health
Besides announcing a potential partnership with OHSU, Salem Health is said to be exploring a partnership with Moda Health to strengthen its hold in Marion County.

Merger talks are under way between Salem Health and Oregon Health & Science University, but one major player is missing from the action – Moda Health. Norman Gruber, president and CEO of Salem Health, appears to be keeping that conversation under wraps. However, he has plenty of time to make an announcement after renewing his contract through 2015.

When asked if Moda was engaged in talks with Salem Health, its spokesman, Jonathan Nicholas, declined to respond.

What Really Happened Between Kotek and FamilyCare about OHSU Bond Measure

Oregon Health & Science University secured $200 million from the state it said it needed to move ahead with the Phil Knight Challenge for cancer research, but House Speaker Tina Kotek got chewed up in a failed attempt to resolve a dispute over whether the tertiary hospital would agree to accept all Medicaid patients, even those from FamilyCare, with which OHSU is locked in legal battle.

Oregon Health & Science University is going home this session with its biggest coup in a decade -- the Oregon Legislature has decided to stretch its borrowing limit to provide the $200 million demand that will help t


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