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Oregon Faces Big Hurdle In Improving Mental Health Care: Staffing

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Oregon’s behavioral health and addiction services agencies are operating at a subpar level in part because low pay, high stress and other problems prompt workers to quit the field, leading to acute worker shortages, experts told the Oregon Health Policy Board this week.

The $8 Billion Challenge: Can Oregon Remake Health Care?

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The Oregon Health Authority is changing its approach to Medicaid to improve health and contain costs.

Oregon’s facing an $8 billion question: Can state bureaucrats and politicians reinvent the health insurance program that

Policy Board Wishlist: Recruit Providers; Improve Medicaid; Tackle Opioid Addiction

The public board that guides Oregon Health Authority policy is making progress on multiple fronts, but may need action from the Legislature to meet the state’s healthcare goals.

The jugglers on the Oregon Health Policy Board kept their balls in the air on Tuesday as they explored a raft of issues facing the state: expanding and supporting the healthcare workforce; making Medicaid more effective throug

Policy Board Wrestles with Future of CCOs

The Legislature is expected to delve into how CCOs are being run when they gather in Salem next February and consider recommendations from the Policy Board.

Rep. Mitch Greenlick (D-Portland) is quite adamant that the state’s coordinated care organizations need to revamp their governance structure by holding their board meetings in public so everyone can see how their money is being spent, with community members representing a majority of the board.

Oregon Health Policy Board seeks feedback on coordinated care organizations

Health officials schedule listening sessions to discuss the future of Oregon’s CCOs

The Oregon Health Policy Board (OHPB), a nine-member group appointed by the Governor to oversee health policy at the Oregon Health Authority, will hold a series of community meetings across the state in September and October to gather public input about Oregon’s coordinated care organizations (CC

Shields Questions State’s Increasing Giveaway of Anti-Trust Exemptions

Sen. Chip Shields was unsuccessful in his attempts to block anti-trust immunity to CCOs and long-term care facilities, but now, with the backing of the FTC, he’s trying to stop granting similar protections to health insurers discussing primary care payment models. Supporters of the primary care collaborative say it will encourage the healthcare industry to cough up information in a joint effort to reform the payment structure.

A Senate bill that’s pitched as a method to find better payment models for primary care is making its way through the Legislature, but Sen.

What’s next after Cover Oregon?

OHSU president urges caution at Oregon Health Policy Board meeting as legislature moves quickly to dissolve the health insurance exchange.

Dr. Joe Robertson, the president of Oregon Health & Science University, sounded a cautionary note last week about the future oversight of the state’s health insurance exchange.

Policy Board to Put Forward Tool to Encourage Team-Based Care

The Health Policy Board has been without a quorum since October so it couldn’t take any action Tuesday, but it has several ideas that are ready to put before the Legislature.

The Oregon Health Policy Board appears poised to recommend a series of small, incremental reform bills to the Legislature, if only the board could get a quorum of its members to show up for its meetings.

Policy Board Looks Into Mental Health, Kindergarten Readiness, Workforce Diversity

Data from the state’s licensing boards show that the workforce is less racially and ethically diverse than the state as a whole.

In a discussion that covered a broad range of topics from mental health, homelessness, the prison system, kindergarten readiness, and workforce diversity, the Oregon Health Policy Board appeared to wholly agree on one issue: a commitment to an interdisciplinary, team-based approach to health care.


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