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Initial All Payer, All Claims Data Reveals a Lot of Unknowns

Even though the data has been collected for the past two years, more can be done to analyze the data to understand trends in healthcare costs and utilization

June 29, 2012—More work needs to be done on Oregon’s all payer, all claims database before state officials have a better grasp of healthcare costs and an idea of which services are being used more than others, according to a recent report given to the Health Policy Board.

Dr. Carla McKelvey Appointed to Oregon Health Policy Board

Another vacancy also exists on the board, but that person cannot be from the healthcare industry

February 15, 2012 -- Governor John Kitzhaber has appointed Dr. Carla McKelvey to serve on the Oregon Health Policy Board.

“She brings a tremendous number of touch points to the work ahead, and I’m pleased she’s agreed to serve,” Dr. Bruce Goldberg, director of the Oregon Health Authority, told board members yesterday.

McKelvey, president of the Oregon Medical Association, is a pediatrician and the medical director of the North Bend Medical Center in Coos Bay. She replaces Dr. Charles Hofmann, an internist from Baker City, whose term ended.

Provider Groups Ask for Inclusion in Coordinated Care Organizations

They think a prescriptive list of providers needs to be part of the legislation going to the Legislature in February

November 17, 2011—Not mincing words, provider groups worried they’ll be left out of the coordinated care organizations (CCOs) took their case to the Oregon Health Policy Board last week. But they came away without any assurance.


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