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Broad Action And Self Awareness Can Reduce Racial Inequities In Health Care, Panelists Say

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Language, education, income and housing all play a role in the health care disparities in Oregon, panelists at a health care forum said on Wednesday.

Health Officials, Advocates Urge Portland Mayor To Address Homeless Crisis

Oregon Health Forum attendees urged Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler to immediately address public health crises such as hygiene, public defecation and exposure at a Thursday breakfast forum.

Community members, advocates and caregivers for the homeless urged Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler to address the homeless population’s immediate need for hygiene services such as showers and porta potties in order to prevent a public health crisis.

Where Will Oregon's Medicaid Experiment Take the State Next?

Coordinated care organizations are the hallmark of the state's take on the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion. Through an effort called CCO 2.0, leaders are trying to push these groups to provide better healthcare as they restrain costs. Learn more about the next stage for CCOs during an in-depth discussion on June 21.

The future of coordinated care is at stake as state officials begin wrestling with new contracts that will be released n

Surveying Healthcare Challenges, Wyden Sees 2017 as a Year of Wins

Speaking from downtown Portland, the U.S. senator said Medicare and children’s health insurance programs are better off now than a year ago, though Oregon and the U.S. still have many challenges.

Despite a political climate in Washington, D.C., that makes compromise challenging at best, critical healthcare programs have been protected and strengthened over the past year, Senator Ron Wyden, D-Ore., told about 150 people who gathered for the Oregon Health Forum’s Friday morning event.


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