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Oregon Nurses Association Intends to Beef Up Hospital Staffing Laws

ONA Director Susan King tells legislators that some hospitals are not taking their nurse staffing committees seriously, and the Oregon Health Authority is not adequately auditing the hospitals for compliance. The state nurses union wants mandatory five-year audits and binding recommendations from the committees.

A year ago, cuts to the emergency department at her hospital meant that just two nurses would be on the job during the overnight hours. An expanded behavioral health unit brought greater mental health resources, but without the staffing to keep up with the workload, said registered nurse Virginia Smith

CCO Performance from the Consumers' Perspective

Housed within the Oregon Public Health Institute, the Consumer Confidence Project takes a look.

The Oregon Health Authority uses performance metrics and quality measures to evaluate the performance of Coordinated Care Organizations – and determine whether they are, in fact, improving care, improving health and lowering costs.

Will Douglas County Pull the Plug on its Public Health Division?

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A decision may come in January, when new county commissioners take office, assuring at least one more chapter in an ongoing saga that began last spring with a surprise announcement.

The county may decide to shut down the agency and turn over public health services to the state, which is what the county commissioners announced would happen back in June, before they changed their minds two months later. But for now, the plans are on hold.

Bates Pushes Back on Money Request from the Oregon Health Authority

The Health Authority claimed a $14.6 million shortfall but will likely get $9 million in new funding. The Legislature also appears poised to release $3.4 million for seniors, fully funding Oregon Project Independence and giving a lift to paratransit services. Sen. Alan Bates is also seen as a candidate for the head of the Oregon Health Authority, although he has made no such announcement.

The Oregon Health Authority came asking the Legislature’s Emergency Board for an additional $14.6 million in general fund money to fill as many as 40 new positions, but will likely go back to work with just $9 million in new state money after pushback from Sen. Alan Bates, D-Medford.

Dr. Robert Dannenhoffer Could Become Next OHA Director

Although it’s unknown when Gov. Kitzhaber will announce his choice for this high-level position, the candidate must be approved by the Senate Rules Committee.

Everyone’s lips were sealed about who’ll be tapped as the next director of the Oregon Health Authority when 1,300 people gathered at the Oregon Convention Center yesterday for a conference on improving healthcare innovation.

Health Authority Buckles to Hospital Pressure on Rules for Self-Referral Law

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A bipartisan law designed to ensure that patients know their choices during a referral has not taken full effect more than a year after it passed because the Oregon Health Authority has allowed opponents of the law to exert control over the administrative process.

The Oregon Health Authority has caved to pressure from Providence Health System and others and has prevented a 2013 law designed to offer patients greater knowledge of their choices for referrals from taking full effect.

Bates Wants Remaining Cover Oregon Functions Moved to Insurance Division

Sen. Alan Bates, D-Medford, said a bill ending Cover Oregon and moving its remaining functions and work with the insurance marketplace into the Oregon Insurance Division, will likely be the first law enacted by the 2015 session.

Even as the Cover Oregon board dawdled last week on a decision on where to operate the remaining functions of the state insurance exchange, another leading Democratic senator is saying p

Medicaid Enrollees Should Expect Smoother Renewal Process

Meanwhile, the Oregon Health Authority continues to paint a misleadingly rosy picture of CCOs, giving them credit for improvements to childhood screening that are not the result of better care but better data collection.

Oregon Health Plan members should expect a smoother time renewing their Medicaid benefits this year, according to state officials who met in Salem Tuesday at the Oregon Health Authority’s OmbudsAdvisory Council meeting.

All-Payer, All-Claims Shows Clear Figures for Medicaid

But the database as presented by Oregon Health Authority shows very little value in regard to the private insurance market. Many health plans don’t give enrollment numbers; data for individual hospitals is not collected; and data identifying health insurers is kept secret.

The public got a peek into the Oregon Health Authority’s all-payer, all-claims database on Tuesday, and it confirmed in detail much of what was already known -- the growth in the Oregon Health Plan has been huge, and the Medicaid expansion has gone a long way in reducing the state’s num


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