OHSU Receives Higher Medicare Payments than other Oregon Hospitals

Uninsured patients are charged two to three times more for the same procedure at area hospitals


July 15, 2013 -- Sick Oregonians without health insurance regularly receive bills for two to three times what Medicare or private insurers are willing to pay to cover treatment, newly released medical billing data appears to indicate.

Nursing Graduates Face a Changing Job Market

A recent report from the Oregon Center for Nursing indicates there’s a nursing shortage, but new graduates are having a difficult time finding work

November 10, 2011 -- It took Jennifer Wieczorek, a 2008 graduate of Linfield College's nursing program, a year and a half to find a job using her degree – and she was the last person in her cohort to do so.

While in school, Wierczorek had a verbal agreement with Legacy Good Samaritan that she’d work there as an operating room nurse upon graduation. But it took longer than expected to pass her board certification exams, and by the time she did, Legacy didn't have a position for her anymore.

St. Helens Tries Again For Hospital

This time around proponents would like to open a small rural health clinic inside the 12-bed hospital.

June 2, 2010 --Unwilling to accept defeat, Columbia Health District is once again attempting to convince state officials that there’s a need for a 12-bed hospital in St. Helens. But the process is ripe with contention.

Residents who’ve opposed the hospital in the past are likely to raise the same concerns – questioning whether the hospital can sustain itself financially and meet the needs of the community – at a public hearing later this month.


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