Keny-Guyer and Stark Plan to Fight Cuts to Homeless Program

In an ironic move, Gov. Kate Brown recommended the ending of a small but efficient program to draw down federal funds to get homeless, disabled people into housing, and target investments in the social determinants of health -- the stated goal of the Medicaid waiver pending before the federal government.

A bipartisan pair of lawmakers plans to fight to keep a critical program for getting disabled, homeless people into housing after the initiative was defunded in the governor’s proposed budget, released earlier this month.

Keny-Guyer and Stark Renew Push for General Assistance for Homeless

A large number of homeless individuals have severe disabilities that make them eligible for federal support, but their conditions can deteriorate as they navigate the bureaucracy. HB 4042 would provide state funding to get these people into housing while the Department of Human Services helps them get approved federally.

The House Human Services Committee is making a bipartisan push to restore a general assistance program that will put up state funds to provide housing for people who are homeless and disabled while they await federal assistance.

Kotek Supports Bill to Help Homeless with Housing as They Await Federal Help

Many of the state’s homeless people have disabilities that make them eligible for federal Social Security Insurance, but they have nowhere to live while they await approval, causing their condition to worsen. The Human Services Committee plans to reintroduce legislation that would establish a state program to help bring these individuals indoors until federal funding kicks in.

The House Human Services Committee plans to reintroduce a bill that extends a helping hand to the state’s homeless population, particularly those with mental illness, assisting them with housing and incidental expenses while these individuals await federal aid.

Teen-launched Nonprofit Breaks Social Boundaries

At 17, Nadya Okamoto’s organization supplies menstrual needs to homeless women throughout the Portland area, internationally

When Nadya Okamoto’s mom lost her job, the family was technically homeless, although they lived with a friend. Suddenly, her bus rides to Catlin Gabel, where she’s a scholarship student, took two hours and brought her into contact with homeless women.

Central City Concern Opens Recovery Center

The center was made possible because of a $8.95 million federal grant and initially will serve 600 homeless people

December 2, 2011 -- When Central City Concern opens its downtown clinic on December 12, teams of doctors and alternative medicine professionals will help hundreds of people whose drug addictions or mental illnesses threaten to keep them on the streets.

At a time when funding for such services is drying up, the Old Town Recovery Center will become a reality.

The more than $20 million center stands on the corner of NW Broadway and NW Burnside -- the previous site of an abandoned Burger King.

Central City Concern Opens New Healthcare Facility

November 29, 2011 -- On Thursday, December 15, the public is invited to an open house from 4-6 p.m. at Central City Concern’s new healthcare facility located at 33 NW Broadway. The event celebrates the integration of primary healthcare with behavioral care under one roof. Guided and self-directed tours will be available.


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