Briefly: OHSU Students Hold Free One-Day Clinic

The event will take place at Pioneer Courthouse Square between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Saturday.

Oregon Health & Science University students are holding a one-day free clinic for local residents who need basic medical, dental or vision exams.

Dozens Die On Streets In Portland Area

Multnomah County's latest count of homeless deaths shows that 79 people died in 2017, one fewer than the year before.

Life on the streets turned deadly again last year in the Portland area, with dozens of people dying far too young.

Part I: Our Frozen Dead: Hypothermic ‘Domicile Unknown’ Deaths

A growing number of deaths the Multnomah County Medical Examiner’s Office investigates are among people experiencing homelessness.

When Michael Jensen was found dead in his tent, his feet were sticking out of the tent, and he was lying on his right side “with his hands up under his chin like he was cold,” a homeless outreach worker said.

Hospitals Step In To Help House The Homeless. Will It Make A Difference?

In Oregon, five hospital systems plus CareOregon invested in a $21.5 million project last year to build nearly 400 units for homeless people.

During the five years Tony Price roamed the streets and dozed in doorways, the emergency rooms of Sacramento’s hospitals were a regular place for him to sleep off a hard day’s drinking.

“A lot of times I would pass out, and then I’d wake up in the hospital,” said Price, 50.

House Votes to Give Homeless a Path to Free Birth Certificates

The House passed a bill that will allow the state records division to stop charging homeless people for their birth certificates. Three other bills go to Gov. Brown, protecting patients from surprise billing, putting DCO members on CCO boards and banning whip-its for minors.

The Oregon House voted for a measure that will allow Oregon-born homeless people to get free birth certificates, a critical starting point to receiving government assistance, earning a GED and getting ahead in life.

Legislators Work to Fill Gaps in State Assistance for Homeless, Mentally Ill

Rep. John Lively wants the state to give free copies of birth certificates to the homeless while the state hospital superintendent testifies that he needs better legal authority to automatically assist discharged patients with federal disability benefits.

The House Health Committee is pushing two simple but possibly life-changing bills for the state’s neediest residents, allowing homeless people to get free copies of their birth certificates and steering Oregon State Hospital officials to sign up patients for federal assistance as they leave the mental hospital.


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