Health Share of Oregon

Health Share Announces New Tri-County Opioid Treatment Model

Health Share of Oregon, CODA, Inc. and Central City Concern partner to help break down barriers for individuals seeking treatment for substance use disorders.

(Portland, OR) – Across the country, millions of people suffer from opioid addiction. In Oregon alone, an estimated 120,000 Oregonians suffer from opioid addiction, and last year, opioid overdose killed an average of three people in the Tri-County area every week.

Sen. Shields Want to Strip CCOs of Special Anti-Trust Exemption

In the Portland Democrat’s latest attempt to bring daylight into the murky operations of the state’s Medicaid health plans and providers, Shields has introduced Senate Bill 18, which eliminates their protection against charges of collusion. A recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling likely means the exemption is unconstitutional anyway and without legal grounds.

Sen. Chip Shields, D-Portland, has introduced legislation that would strip the coordinated care organizations of their anti-trust status that makes them immune from anti-competitive business practices.


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