FamilyCare Moves to Pay Primary Care More Than Commercial Insurance for Medicaid

The move by the CCO’s president, Jeff Heatherington, runs counter to the prevailing practice for the Medicaid program nationally, which has been to pay primary care providers much less than commercial insurance simply because the government can.

The Portland-area coordinated care organization FamilyCare will be raising its primary care rates in August to match those of commercial insurance -- a remarkable decision given Medicaid’s historical practice of reimbursing physicians less than all health insurance types.

What Really Happened Between Kotek and FamilyCare about OHSU Bond Measure

Oregon Health & Science University secured $200 million from the state it said it needed to move ahead with the Phil Knight Challenge for cancer research, but House Speaker Tina Kotek got chewed up in a failed attempt to resolve a dispute over whether the tertiary hospital would agree to accept all Medicaid patients, even those from FamilyCare, with which OHSU is locked in legal battle.

Oregon Health & Science University is going home this session with its biggest coup in a decade -- the Oregon Legislature has decided to stretch its borrowing limit to provide the $200 million demand that will help t

FamilyCare’s Health Improvement Plan Focuses on 'Transition-Age’ Youth

Its community advisory council meeting also focused on culturally competent outreach, whole-patient care

Each of Oregon's 16 coordinated care organizations has been tasked with the creation of a community health improvement plan – and the draft plan presented before FamilyCare's community advisory council last week focused on improving the health of “transition-age” youth – usually defined as youth

FamilyCare, Inc. Lends Expertise at Health Care Conferences

President and CEO Jeff Heatherington Delivers Keynote Remarks Friday


October 7, 2013 -- Ever since it launched the tri-county area’s first coordinated care organization (CCO), health care organizations around the country have sought advice from FamilyCare, Inc. on how best to streamline health care, especially with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on the horizon.


Greenlick Wants Public Comment Period, but CCOs Resist

The chair of the House Health Committee has proposed a compromise version of earlier legislation that would have subjected coordinated care organizations to the public meetings law. HB 2960 would require private board meetings to have a public comment period and open advisory councils to public.


April 16, 2013 — Rep. Mitch Greenlick, D-Portland, has put forth a compromise bill that would ensure greater public scrutiny of coordinated care organizations without putting them under Oregon’s public meetings law.


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