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Trump Administration Sinks Teeth Into Paring Down Drug Prices, On 5 Key Points

Officials are working on a multi-pronged plan to promote competition, attack the drug rebate system and introduce other ways to lower prices.

Three months after President Donald Trump announced his blueprint to bring down drug prices, administration officials have begun putting some teeth behind the rhetoric.

Nosse and Steiner Hayward Back Mandatory Rebates for High-Cost Drugs

The Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services would step in if a drug exceeded $10,000 or had cost increases greater than 3.4 percent. State regulators would index a price according to what other countries have negotiated for the drugs. Consumers would also see a cap on costs that they pay out-of-pocket.

Rep. Rob Nosse, D-Portland, touted his aggressive and innovative approach to tackling uncontrolled pharmaceutical costs on Thursday, calling on Oregon to lead where Congress has failed and other state-based reforms have fallen short.

First, Do No Harm

Over the past year, some insurance companies have become increasingly aggressive in exploiting and creating loopholes that would effectively force thousands of chronic disease patients into Medicare prematurely

OPINION -- In recent months, Americans have seen growing evidence of failure within the Affordable Care Act.

Drug Prices in America: ROI or RIP?

Drug prices are killing Americans and making fortunes for pharmaceutical executives.

OPINION -- Long over are the halcyon (not to be confused with Halcion®) days when Jonas Salk said of the polio vaccine, “There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?”


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