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Oregon Lawmakers, Health Authority Weigh In On Health Care’s Future 

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CCO Oregon forum considers how Medicaid program will be changed in coming years, amid increased focus on equity and housing.

Executive Director Transition Announced

CCO Oregon announces the beginning of an Executive Director transition. CCO Oregon’s founding Executive Director, Ben Hoyne, is moving out of state. The transition is expected to occur by the end of the summer.

CCO Oregon 2015 Policy Development Announced

Dec. 17, 2015 –

CCO Oregon is pleased to announce its 2015 Policy Development accomplishments.

Policy Agreements were reached pertaining to:

- Dental Integration

- Integrated Primary Care Behavioral Health

- Social Determinants of Health

CCO Oregon Holds Annual Meeting

The organization is shying away from holding conferences and instead is focused on development proposals that focus on the major issues impacting healthcare transformation.

Dr. Bart McMullan keynotes the annual membership meeting of CCO Oregon, an organization that supports the delivery of exceptional care at reduced costs while promoting the health and well-being of Oregonians.


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