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Opinion: Water Fluoridation Is An Emperor Without Clothes

Putting fluoride – a known neurotoxin – in the water is unconscionable.

Putting a drug – any drug – in drinking water is absurd. Putting fluoride – a known neurotoxin – in the water is unconscionable.

The EPA Petition to End Water Fluoridation

The sheer weight of scientific evidence has far exceeded reasonable doubt, and it’s difficult to see how the EPA, or anyone else, can continue to believe that water fluoridation is safe, according to the author.

OPINION -- Six weeks ago, the Fluoride Action Network, Food and Water Watch, Organic Consumers Association, American Academy of Environmental Medicine and several others petitioned the EPA to ban fluoridation

GMO Labeling Bill. What a Shame. What a Sham.

OPINION -- Last Friday, President Obama signed S 764, pre-empting Vermont’s law requiring food companies to label products with GMO ingredients. It’s a major victory for Monsanto, the biotech industry and Grocery Manufacturer’s Association, all of whom know labeling could diminish their profits.

Congress Threatens GMO Labeling

OPINION -- While most Americans were celebrating our freedom last week, Monsanto, their allies in corporate agriculture, and the senators they have in their pockets were working hard to undermine it.

Oregon Legislature: The Two Big Ones that Got Away

For the Oregon legislature, Mick Jagger was half right. Progressives sometimes got what they wanted, but in at least two cases, they didn’t get what they needed most.


“You can’t always get what you want

But if you try sometimes

You just might find –

You get what you need.”

-          Rolling Stones


Oregon's Chance To Make Public Health History

Oregon has a chance to make public health history this legislative session in Salem.

OPINION- If SB 920 passes, it would accomplish what no one else in the country has been able to do – stop the use of routine, non-therapeutic antibiotic use in farm animals to promote growth and head off outbreaks of infection caused by over-crowded conditions in factory farms.

Exposing the Myths of the Anti-Measure 92 Letter to Physicians.

As the battle heats up over this multi-million ballot measure, the proponent insists we do have the right to know what’s in our food.

OPINION -- Last week, physicians throughout Oregon received a letter from former Oregon Medical Association (OMA) leaders urging recipients to vote against Measure 92, which would require labeling for genetically enginee

The Myth of GMO Labels Increasing Food Prices

The author urges Oregonians not to be blindsided by the advertisements from the biotech giants.

OPINION -- In the weeks ahead, you’ll be inundated with ads sounding the alarm that if Oregon Measure 92 passes, GMO labeling will significantly raise your grocery bills.


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