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Health Insurance Executives Commanded Large Salaries in 2017

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Several Oregon and Washington health insurance CEOs retired and took with them multi-million-dollar paychecks

Health insurance executives earned hefty paychecks in 2017, according to records obtained from the insurance divisions in Oregon, Washington and Utah by The Lund Report.

Should Employers Pay for Health Insurance? Lessons From Other Countries

Join Oregon Health Forum on May 23 for a deep look into global lessons that our state can apply to healthcare.

Oregon’s healthcare costs, like those in other states, are the highest in the world. Oregon’s employers, like those in other states, struggle to keep their workforces healthy and their business costs down. No state has solved this challenge.

Panel Tackles Workforce Shortages

Learn what's being done to confront the healthcare workforce shortages at the breakfast forum sponsored by Oregon Health Forum.
Oregon faces a serious workforce shortage. In the next few years, 20 percent of physicians intend to retire, as do many other healthcare workers. 


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