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Reported Toxic Chemical Releases Surge by 20% as Reduction Strategy Takes Shape

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In 2010, 18 million pounds of toxic compounds were released by 271 facilities across Oregon

January 11, 2012 -- New data detailing a surge in toxic chemical releases in Oregon and nationwide went public last week, even as state regulators try to streamline efforts to manage industrial emissions that may be harmful to human health.

Healthcare Remains the 2012 Election Riddle

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Healthcare costs are the primary driver of the federal budget deficit. Congressional Budget Office projections for 2020 show that healthcare spending will consume more than 27 percent of federal budget.

OPINION: January 9, 2012 -- This election ought to be about one issue, a referendum on health care reform.

Coos Bay Group Seeks to Eliminate Childhood Dental Disease

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Cavity Free Coos Bay is assessing all school children in the district for dental health

January 6, 2012 – A coalition led by Dr. Dane Smith in Coos Bay County is determined to  eliminate dental disease among its children.  

“I’ve heard it said that holes in people’s teeth reflect holes in their heart, and I think there’s truth to that,” said Smith, an oral surgeon in Brookings. “People who have high self-esteem and high expectations for their lives have fewer cavities.” That’s why it takes a whole community to address the issue.

Health Policy Board Makes Strides on Business Plan for Coordinated Care Organizations

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With time running out to finalize that plan, the board wrestled with the requirements when it met on Tuesday

December 15, 2011— As the Oregon Health Policy Board develops the requirements that coordinated care organizations (CCOs) must meet to deliver care to more than 600,000 Oregonians, they’re faced with finding the right balance between prescriptiveness and flexibility.  

Those requirements will become part of the business plan legislators will consider when they meet in February. 

Coos Bay Dermatologist Strikes Out on Her Own, Abandons Billing Codes

The Lund Report
Dr. Kathleen Brown says she’s received pushback from the two insurers for not using CPT billing codes

December 15, 2011 – In July, Dr. Kathleen Brown decided to leave the Coos Bay clinic where she’d been practicing since 1997 and open her own dermatology practice. It’s not uncommon for doctors to strike out on their own, but Brown’s decision had a twist: she decided to eschew the use of CPT codes, a set of medical billing codes required by the American Medical Association for reimbursement by insurers.

Legislators Weigh in on Business Plan for Healthcare Transformation

The Lund Report
Sen. Alan Bates and Rep. Tim Freeman want the Legislature to carefully monitor the progress of transforming the healthcare delivery system

December 15, 2011—Getting legislative approval for a business plan that sets the course for transforming the Oregon Health Plan may not come down to simply a yes or no vote, according to Sen. Alan Bates (D-Ashland) and Rep. Tim Freeman (R-Roseburg), who appeared before the Oregon Health Policy Board on Tuesday. 

Mike McCormick Named Deputy Director

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December 14, 2011 -- Mike McCormick will become deputy director of Aging and People with Disabilities (APD) programs in January.  That agency is still without a permanent director, following the resignation of James Toews earlier this year.

Oregon’s Prescription Drug Program Expands into Washington

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People who lack prescription coverage can benefit from lower cost drugs

December 14, 2011 -- Big savings, the need for continued reform and threats to funding for home care workers were on everyone’s lips at a celebration of the fifth anniversary of the Oregon Prescription Drug Program last Friday.


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