Washington County

Mask Mandate Back In Effect In Washington County Buildings

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The front of the Washington County Courthouse.

Although it leads Oregon's 36 counties in the adult COVID-19 vaccination rate, cases are trending upward.

Virginia Garcia Buckles at Assuming Washington County Public Health Services

The county has proposed ending its medical public health services, including vaccinations, family planning and STD screening in order to focus on education and epidemiology. But the handoff could strain safety net clinics already overwhelmed by the healthcare expansion.

Washington County has plans to unload its public health medical services, including vaccinations, family planning and venereal disease screening onto the safety net clinics, but a director of one of the private safety-net clinics is balking at shifting the role to his clinic.

Health Departments See Reduced Demand For Vaccinations

The Lund Report
While high exemption rates remain a concern, officials believe more families are receiving vaccines in primary care settings rather than at county clinics before school starts


August 21, 2013 – Getting kids ready for school means getting them vaccinated – and county health departments throughout the Portland metro area are hosting walk-in clinics and supporting schools and primary health providers to make certain they have stores of vaccines.

Beaverton Activist Brings Community Health Partners Together

The Lund Report
The project has already received a $1.6 million grant from the Centers for Disease Control and has won the support of Governor John Kitzhaber

October 4, 2012 -- Betty Bode is on a mission to create a healthier community for the city of Beaverton. A public health advocate, she’s spent more than a decade pursuing what many people told her was impossible -- bringing together all the healthcare stakeholders with a shared vision.

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