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Quick: What’s The Difference Between Medicare-For-All and Single-Payer?

Terms like single payer, public option and universal health care are bandied about, but few know exactly what they mean.

Across the country, catchphrases such as “Medicare-for-all,” “single-payer,” “public option” and “universal health care” are sweeping state and federal political races as Democrats tap into voter anger about GOP efforts to kill the Affordable Care Act and erode protections for people with preexis

Once Its Greatest Foes, Doctors Are Embracing Single-Payer

A shift is occurring, with many younger physicians concerned more about social justice than profit.

When the American Medical Association — one of the nation’s most powerful health care groups — met in Chicago this June, its medical student caucus seized an opportunity for change.

Single-Payer Activists Come to Salem, Tout Universal Care Study

Researchers from the Rand Corporation showcased the results of a $300,000 study Oregon funded two years ago. It examined different methods of improving the healthcare financing system in the state.

The state’s single-payer activists made their annual descent on Salem on Thursday, championing their perennial legislation to implement publicly financed, privately delivered healthcare -- this time accompanied by new research from the Rand Corporation, showing that the state could give everyone

Single Payer Healthcare Study Isn't Dead

The author contends that the necessary funding, $200,000, will be raised to conduct the study, but he anticipates asking the 2015 Legislature to extend the completion deadline.

OPINION – Thank you for your article on State Senator Michael Dembrow’s HB 3260 study of healthcare financing in Oregon. I would like to elaborate on my comments quoted in the article.

We anticipate the study will be funded and underway when the February 2015 legislative session convenes, but it is unlikely to be complete. Therefore, we plan to ask the legislature to extend the completion deadline. We expect little opposition to this proposal.

Dembrow, Thompson Discuss Cover Oregon Rollout, Single Payer

Dembrow says even if the legislature passes a single-payer bill, it's likely to be referred to voters

Five speakers – including state legislators from both sides of the aisle, as well as political advocates and representatives from the insurance industry – gathered in the banquet room at Kells Irish Pub Tuesday night to talk about what lies ahead for healthcare reform in Oregon.

Is Competition Really Good for HealthCare?

There’s little evidence to support the model, this author postulates


OPINION -- Competition is supposed to be good for healthcare. Only with competition, it is said, will we get the highest quality healthcare at the lowest cost. But is this true? Where’s the evidence?

Single-payer activists screen film, discuss Canadian/American healthcare systems

State groups hope to raise support for a single-payer bill this winter


December 13, 2012 -- Monday night, a small crowd gathered at the Clinton Street Theater for a film screening of The Healthcare Movie (, a documentary about the history of the Canadian healthcare system that was produced by a Canadian/American couple Laurie Simons and Terry Sterrenberg to dispel myths and stereotypes about Canada's healthcare system – specifically, that Canadian citizens dislike their healthcare system and frequently travel to the United States for care.

Mad As Hell Doctors Receive Prestigious Award

The Oregon Physicians’ Group Mad As Hell Doctors received a prestigious award in Washington, D.C on October 29 at the annual meeting of the Physicians for a National Health Program.


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