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Merkley to Join Oregon Advocates to Call for Health Care Public Option

Portland, OR – Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley will visit the North by Northeast Community Health Center tomorrow to talk with health care advocates about his efforts in the Senate to call for a public option, similar to Medicare, in the health insurance market.  Today, Senator Merkley introduced a

Wallack, Merkley Urge Focus on Root Causes of Health Problems

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Focusing on prenatal health is just the beginning, Wallack says

In order to improve public health, policymakers need to pay attention to the social determinants of health: housing, education, location and employment status. That was the overriding theme of last week's Human Services Coalition meeting at Portland State University.

Sen. Jeff Merkley Urges Physicians, Nurses to Raise Their Voices

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Healthcare reform, environmental legislation wouldn't have been possible without the voices of providers, he told those attending the Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility event

January 22, 2013 -- According to public opinion polls, U.S. Senators are less well-liked and less well-respected than cockroaches, Sen. Jeff Merkley told a small crowd of physicians, nurses and community members last week. Doctors and nurses, on the other, consistently rank at the top of public opinion polls – so when it comes to public policy, their opinions often hold more sway.

Merkley Counters Claim by Romney about Demise of Obamacare

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The Senator appeared at a political forum sponsored by the Oregon Medical Association last week along with Governor Kitzhaber and state legislators to discuss healthcare reform

October 17, 2012 -- In a political season where the stakes for the presidency are so high, it’s not unusual for candidates to exaggerate their promises as many analysts have pointed out.

Take the statement Mitt Romney made by saying that if elected he’d repeal Obamacare on his first day in office.

Oregon’s Prescription Drug Program Expands into Washington

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People who lack prescription coverage can benefit from lower cost drugs

December 14, 2011 -- Big savings, the need for continued reform and threats to funding for home care workers were on everyone’s lips at a celebration of the fifth anniversary of the Oregon Prescription Drug Program last Friday.

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