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Salem Chamber of Commerce Joins Fight to Block Bus Service

The Salem-Keizer Transit District is asking voters to approve a payroll tax so it can offer night-time and weekend service.

As Salem Health leads the fight to kill a payroll tax for weekend bus service in and around Oregon’s capital city, it has the backing of the Salem Chamber of Commerce, which has argued that it puts the payment for transit service on the backs of small business.

Salem Health Opens Wallet to Lead Fight Against Payroll Tax for Public Transit

The Salem hospital wants to block Oregon’s second-largest metro area from its attempt to offer night and weekend bus service because a $600,000 payroll tax would cut into its profits, which exceeded $35 million in 2012. The hospital recently received a $50,000 grant from the transit district to improve transportation options, but has spent $50,000 to kill the transit district levy.

Salem Health is leading the fight to kill a payroll tax for weekend bus service in and around Oregon’s capital city, putting up $50,000 to a conservative business political action committee that opposes the 0.21 percent tax on worker salaries and wages.

Salem Health Reaches Agreement with United Healthcare

At the same time, healthcare costs in Salem are among the highest in state capitals across the country, according to an independent analysis

Salem Health pulled it off at the last minute, finalizing a contract with a long-standing insurance company -- United Healthcare -- that was set to expire next Wednesday. Terms of the new contract were not disclosed, but the decision came down to dollars and cents.

Moda Gives OEBB Members Choice: Join Coordinated Model or See 9% Hike

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The cost for the standard set of health plans at OEBB are spinning wildly out of control, leaving teachers little choice but to join in the coordinated care compact created by Moda Health that’s brought together major hospital and provider systems in the state including Asante Health, Merle West Medical Center, Salem Health, Legacy Health and OHSU.

The state’s school districts and teachers should get ready for a financial hit -- the Oregon Educators Benefit Board approved a whopping 9 percent premium increase for Moda Health and a 6 percent hike for Kaiser Permanen

Salem Health Has Its Eyes on Expansion

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Besides announcing a potential partnership with OHSU, Salem Health is said to be exploring a partnership with Moda Health to strengthen its hold in Marion County.

Merger talks are under way between Salem Health and Oregon Health & Science University, but one major player is missing from the action – Moda Health. Norman Gruber, president and CEO of Salem Health, appears to be keeping that conversation under wraps. However, he has plenty of time to make an announcement after renewing his contract through 2015.

When asked if Moda was engaged in talks with Salem Health, its spokesman, Jonathan Nicholas, declined to respond.

Legislators Pinpoint Salem Health in Bad Actor Bill

Sen. Alan Bates called the legal dispute a threat to Oregon’s efforts to transform its healthcare system while Gov. John Kitzhaber hopes the issue can be resolved through mediation.


June 11, 2013 —  Sen. Alan Bates, D-Medford, said he would work to keep an amended version of the bad actor bill alive, calling the legal dispute in Salem a threat to Oregon’s ability to transform its healthcare system.

Salem Health Requests Mediation as Bad Actor Bill Moves Through Legislature

House Bill 3309, designed to put pressure on Salem Health and its local CCO, Willamette Valley Community Health, passed the House Rules Committee on a 7-1 vote Thursday afternoon and was sent to the Joint Committee on Ways & Means.


May 31, 2013 — Pressure from the state Legislature has succeeded in pushing Salem Health toward mediation and potentially ending the seven-month standoff with its coordinated care organization, Willamette Valley Community Health.

Salem Reps File ‘Bad Actor Bill’ to Force End to Salem Health Lawsuit

HB 3309 would allow the Oregon Health Authority director to kick off a CCO member and lower its compensation. Rep. Brian Clem said he filed the bill to end a court battle in his district that threatens the entire CCO model.

May 3, 2013 — The Legislature could soon be wading into the ugly dispute between Salem Health and its coordinated care organization, Williamette Valley Community Health.

Hospital Finances: A Look at Salem Health Chains and PeaceHealth

Alan Yordy, president and CEO of PeaceHealth, saw his salary top the million dollar mark in 2011, while Salem Hospital earned a profit of $23.9 million

March 27, 2013 -- How well are Oregon’s hospitals meeting local needs? Are they making smart decisions about their money? Today, The Lund Report runs the second in a series of stories that is exploring the state of Oregon hospitals.


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