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Rural Hospitals Face Financial Uncertainty

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Big changes are coming to how thousands of rural Oregonians’ hospital bills will soon be paid.

The goals of health reform: increase the quality of healthcare, expand access to that care, and save money. The reality is turning out to be a lot messier for Oregon’s rural hospitals. 

Rural Oregon Could Benefit from More Residency Programs

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Dr. Lisa Dodson, director of OHSU's rural health program, argued that rural recruiters need to better understand young doctors' job needs when appearing before the Oregon Rural Health Conference last week.


Of Oregon’s population, 25 percent live in rural areas, but only 9 percent of medical doctors serve those communities, according to Dr. Lisa Dodson, director of Rural Health Programs at Oregon Health and Science University, who spoke at the Oregon Rural Health Conference in Portland.

New CDC Regulations Threaten to Dismantle Vaccines for Children Program

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The policy changes would affect how providers store and replenish vaccines and have a severe impact on rural clinicians.

Significant federal policy changes could force many providers to opt out of Oregon’s well-established immunization program, potentially leaving kids around the state unvaccinated and with a higher risk of disease, state health care leaders and providers say.

Rural Customers Get Nearly the Same Deal as Urbanites on Cover Oregon

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Healthy competition on Cover Oregon led by Moda Health has resulted in at least four insurance companies selling plans in every county, creating a market where residents of the most remote parts of the state pay the same or little more for premiums than urban Oregon.


Oregon’s rural counties have gotten a break on premium prices on Cover Oregon, bucking national reports of sky-high insurance premiums in rural areas on the federal exchange.

Family Providers Question Potential Changes to OHSU's Rural Curriculum

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The school is expanding its rural clerkships, with many new positions in specialty practices

April 1, 2013 – While Oregon Health & Sciences University is pushing for free tuition to students who choose to serve in underserved areas – including rural Oregon – it's also revising its curriculum in ways some doctors fear will affect rural rotations, also called clerkships.

Legislature May Narrow Rural Tax Credit for Doctors

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The House Health Committee approved a $1 million loan forgiveness plan for medical students dedicated to serving in rural areas


March 13, 2013 — Legislators heard two bills on Monday that would make it easier for doctors and other healthcare providers to practice in rural Oregon.


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