Pharmacists’ Bill Tightening PBM Regulation Passes Senate Health

Negotiations will continue on SB 1505 in the legislative budget committee, as pharmacists claim that a lack of enforcement capability at the Department Consumer & Business Services has led some bad-acting PBMs to ignore the law.

The Senate Health Care Committee has scaled back the ambitions of SB 1505, but pharmacists are still hopeful that they’ll get a bill to lay out an even playing field with pharmacy benefit managers, as was expec

Pharmacists on Primary Care Team Save Money, Lives

Pharmacists and insurers urge those managing pharmacy benefits to support Legislation making clinical pharmacists a part of interdisciplinary medical care teams.

Stacy Ramirez is a faculty member at Oregon State University, yet spends the majority of her time in clinical practice working with primary care homes in Benton and Linn Counties.


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