Drug Companies Back Again to Protect Patents for Biologics and Insulin

SB 147, as heard by the Senate Health Committee, would lift an expiration date on a law that restricts pharmacists’ ability to prescribe biosimilars, or generic alternatives to complex biological drugs. The bill also expands that law to include insulin. California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a very similar law, citing increased costs to state-purchased health plans.

Like a clump of Scotch broom sprouting each year on Oregon hillsides no matter how many times it gets pulled, the pharmaceutical companies are repeating their efforts from past sessions to restrict the ability of pharmacists to dispense generic or “biosimilar” alternatives to so-called biological

Germany Stems Healthcare Costs by Imposing New Requirements on Drug Companies

If a pharmaceutical company wants to introduce a new drug, they must show that it offers additional value compared to drugs currently on the market

BERLIN – June 28, 2012 -- Now that the Supreme Court has upheld President Obama’s healthcare plan, pharmaceutical companies, patients and healthcare experts in Europe are waiting to see how a new cost reducing drug price mechanism affects them.

Requiring citizens to have healthcare has long been a staple of European health insurance programs. But now governments and insurers are trying to stem the cost of exorbitantly expensive new drugs.


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