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Bill Would Ban Pop and Junk Food in Public Vending Machines

House Bill 3403 is opposed by a group of blind vendors who testified that their businesses would suffer a 50 percent cut in sales if they’re only allowed to offer healthy food products they frequently throw away after nobody buys them

April 9, 2013 — If you want to buy a Coke or a Snickers bar from a state Capitol vending machine, you’d better get yours while you can.

Healthcare Workers Face Challenges with Obesity

Mary Lou Hennrich, who runs the Oregon Health Policy Institute, is convinced that by changing company policies, employers can help their workers lose weight

January 2, 2012 -- It’s the little things that you don’t notice that make a difference when it comes to weight gain and company policies can do a lot to help employees lose weight, says Mary Lou Hennrich, the founding head of CareOregon who now runs the Oregon Public Health Institute.

Oregon Public Health Institute Celebrates 2012 Genius Award Winners

10th Annual Billi Odegaard Public Health Genius Awards honor achievements and contributions to improving public health in Oregon.

October 4, 2012 -- 10th Annual Billi Odegaard Public Health Genius Awards honor achievements and contributions to improving public health in Oregon.

Lifetime Excellence Award: Dr. Tina Castañares­. Dr. Castañares is the founder of La Clinica del Carino Family Health Center. She also served as health officer for Hood River County for 12 years and Medical Director for Hospice of the Gorge in Hood River, Oregon, where she has promoted public health through improving social and economic determinants.

Multnomah County to Assess Potential Impact of Coal Dust

County and city officials have asked for an assessment to investigate the health ramifications of transporting coal through the area

September 27, 2012 -- Following calls by neighborhood activists as well as members of the medical community, Multnomah County Health Department staff have been asked to conduct a health impact assessment investigating the likely health effects of coal trains traveling through the area on their way to ports of Portland and Seattle, from which they would then be shipped to China.

Commissioner Nick Fish Fosters Community Garden Initiative

Health outcomes will improve if people have the opportunity to grow their own fruits and vegetables

March 28, 2012 – City Commissioner Nick Fish’s initiative to make another 1,000 garden plots available to Portland residents is going strong. People who participate in this community garden project tend to have healthier diets and no longer have to rely on farm produce for fresh vegetables and fruits.

Currently there are 1,500 gardens in the Portland Community Gardens System, according to Laura Niemi, who coordinates the program for Portland Parks & Recreation. In the past year, five new community gardens were built in Portland.


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