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Bill Expanding Concussion Release Law Faces Resistance in House

Senate Bill 1547 passed the Senate unanimously despite a lengthy list of opponents, including the Oregon Medical Association. It adds a training regimen for non-physicians if they wish to be authorized to approve a youth athlete to return to play after a head injury.

A proposed change to the law allowing youth athletes to be returned to play after a concussion passed the House Health Committee on Friday after a heated debate in the committee on Wednesday that delayed the vote.

Oregon Physicians Lining Up for Employment Opportunities

Recent polling by the Oregon Health Authority finds more and more physicians are taking the plunge, while the Oregon Medical Association seeks to redefine its role.

The number of employed physicians in Oregon is creeping up. A survey conducted by the Oregon Health Authority, in cooperation with the Oregon Medical Association, found that 51 percent of physician worked for a hospital, health insurer or health system in 2014.

Healthcare Groups Put $1.6 Million on Board for Campaigns Since Fall

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The spending by doctors groups, nurses, hospitals, dentists and insurers helps underwrite legislators’ campaigns, as political action committees seek to influence legislation and the state budget in Oregon. Groups that gave less have had considerably less clout in Salem.

Oregon’s leading healthcare organizations spent liberally during the election season and its aftermath, with just 12 groups topping $1.6 million in spending since Sept. 1.

Job Changes in the Healthcare Sector

Among other changes, Gwen Dayton leaves the Oregon Medical Association, while Rosa Klein resigned from Health Share of Oregon.

Gwen Dayton is stepping into the role held by Bruce Bishop, senior legal counsel for Northwest Permanente Medical Group, the physician arm for Kaiser Permanente, who’s resigning later this month.


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