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Healthcare Conference Intended to Empower Healthcare Providers

The OMA and Ochin are collaborating to present a national symposium that gets underway next Wednesday at the Oregon Convention Center.
November 6, 2014

With the heightened interest in healthcare reform, the need to empower physicians and other healthcare providers is more important than ever before. That’s why OCHIN is collaborating with the Oregon Medical Association once again to present a national symposium at the Oregon Convention Center next week.

The 2 ½ day conference which gets underway Wednesday brings together speakers from across the country who’ll discuss ways to improve the quality of care, lower costs and enhance the health of the entire population – better known as the Triple Aim, according to Jo Bryson, executive director of the OMA.

“Nonprofit healthcare needs to find ways to reduce operational expenses while enhancing value and effectiveness to ensure access,” said Bryson, adding that the conference is not only designed for physician offices and hospital systems,, but everyone who’s engaged in healthcare.

Abby Sears, CEO of OCHIN, believes the conference will empower people to come away with more tools to respond to new technologies as well as gain more insight into healthcare reform.

Sessions include discussion about emergency trends in the healthcare work force, the open note movement and the use of big data and technology to help drive patient care.

Among the keynote speakers are:

  • Eric Dishman, general manager of the health and life sciences group at Intel Corporation, who’ll discuss “The Three Pillars of Personal Health in the 21st Century. He’s responsible for driving Intel's strategy, research and development, and new product and policy initiatives for health and life science solutions;
  • Dr. Mary Ann McCaffree, a member of the board of trustees of the American Medical Association, a pediatrician and specialist in neonatal-perinatal medicine from Oklahoma City;  
  • Matthew Holt, author of The Health Care Blog and Co-Chairman of Health 2.0, HealthCare Blog, who’ll discuss “Digital Health is Dull:  The Quest for Intraerobility. He’s spent 20 years in healthcare as a researcher, forecaster, and strategist, and has learned from some of the best in forecasting, policy, and survey organizations, like the Institute for the Future and Harris Interactive;
  • Dr. Peter Edelstein, chief medical officer and vice president for Elsevier, the world’s leading publisher of scientific and medical content. He’s known as a passionate patient advocate, double board certified surgeon, and is author of “Own Your Cancer: A Take-Charge Guide for the Recently Diagnosed & Those Who Love Them,” and
  • Dr. Dave Sanders, CEO and co-founder of ZoomCare, who has fundamentally changed the delivery of health and wellness services through a growing network of neighborhood clinics in Oregon and Washington.

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