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Oregon To Increase Medicaid Spending In 2019, Will Miss Spending Goals

Coordinated care organizations will receive an average of 4 percent more each month than in 2018, overshooting the 3.4 percent growth target.

The Oregon Health Authority will pay coordinated care organizations 4.2 percent more for Medicaid patients in 2019 than in 2018, missing its goal of keeping cost increases to 3.4 percent or less. 

Oregon's Uninsured Rate Stagnates

Many without insurance qualify for Medicaid and up to one-half of those with insurance are not fully covered because their deductibles or expenses are too high.

The percentage of Oregonians without health insurance has stagnated in the past two years, new data show.

Opinion: Challenges for the Next Phase of Integrated Medicaid Care in Oregon

The Oregon Health Plan launched an ambitious system a decade ago to integrate medical and dental care. It is now working on a reform of the system, which is plagued with problems.

Ten years ago, Oregon embarked on the very ambitious plan to integrate mental health, addictions, dental and physical health care into the Oregon Health Plan.

OHA Routinely Keeping Medicaid Members out of CCOs

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As they jump through a difficult re-enrollment process, 147,000 Medicaid members have been caught outside coordinated care organizations with little access to care, which could cause the state and CCOs to lose $200 million per year in Medicaid funding, mostly from federal sources.

The Oregon Health Authority’s Medicaid renewal plan is marooning recipients for weeks or months in a separate system outside the state’s coordinated care organizations, limiting members access to care and keeping funds away from the local CCOs

Waiver Delayed but not in Trouble

Saxton says CMS may offer additional financial support beyond the $1.25 billion request.

Oregon’s federal waiver to keep the Oregon Health Plan alive another five years remains on track, with continued discussions between the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, but the waiver won’t be approved by December, despite efforts by the Oregon Health Authority.

Oregon Medicaid Waiver Gets Good Initial Reception from Feds

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services told state Medicaid Director Lori Coyner that it would work to sort out the major policy decisions for governing the Oregon Health Plan by the end of the year, finishing the work before Obama leaves office.

A high-level bureaucrat at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has given the state’s Medicaid waiver a warm reception, increasing the odds that the federal government will increase its investment in Oregon’s Medicaid transformation and allow the state to continue the coordinated care n

Shaping the Future of Oregon’s CCOs

Public meeting attracts few Oregon Health Plan members, providers

Only a couple of Oregon Health Plan providers and a handful of members attended a public meeting last week in Bend designed to gather input on how the health care program for low-income Oregonians is working for those who use it.

Ten Game Changing Assumptions Shaping Health Reform

The author maintains that the Oregon Health Plan rationing experiment was a colossal hoax and channeled billions of new dollars to Oregon’s healthcare interest.

OPINION -- All problem-solving methodology is constrained by the assumptions influencing the process. Many are certainly arguable but if we were to agree to the following list, they would have profound impact on almost all aspects of our current and past reform efforts.

Oregon Poised to Become First State to Mandate 12-Month Birth Control Supply

HB 3343, promoted by Planned Parenthood, would cut down on the trips women need to take to the pharmacy and could reduce the risk of unplanned pregnancies by as much as 30 percent, according to one study. A separate effort could allow pharmacists to provide the medication with a prescription from behind the counter, similar to Sudafed.

A woman eligible for the Oregon Health Plan or the Oregon Contraceptive Care program can get a year’s supply of birth control pills at a single pharmacy visit.


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