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House Passes $15 Billion Budget for Oregon Health Authority

Most Republicans balk at the 21.6 percent increase from last biennium, but an OHSU economist said the state will see a net savings by providing Oregon Health Plan coverage to 240,000 more people under the Affordable Care Act. The budget also calls for three new mental health residential treatment centers in Pendleton and expansion of an intervention program for youth experiencing a mental breakdown.


July 3, 2013 — The Oregon Health Authority budget passed the House on a highly partisan 35-23 vote, with only Republican Rep. Bob Jenson of Pendleton crossing party lines to support the $15.2 billion budget with the Democratic majority.

Chris DeMars Joins OHA’s Transformation Center

She’s leaving Northwest Health Foundation after managing its healthcare reform focus area.

June 5, 2013 -- Chris DeMars has accepted a new position as Director of Systems Innovation with the Oregon Health Authority's Health System Transformation Center. She spent most of the past eight years with the Northwest Health Foundation managing the Foundation’s healthcare reform focus area.

New State Director of Addictions and Mental Health Touts Coordinated Care, Community Transition

Pamela Martin, PhD, a recent transplant from New Mexico, said she's still getting her bearings in Oregon's healthcare system


May 30, 2013 -- Pamela Martin, PhD, stepped into her new role as director of Oregon's Addictions and Mental Health Division at the beginning of May, and she's still getting her bearings in Oregon after spending 35 years in the mental health field in New Mexico.

Oregon’s Health Care Starting Point and Goals Released Today

First Health System Transformation Quarterly Report shows baseline information on health and financial data

A report presented to the Oregon Health Policy Board today provided information on key health and financial metrics for the Oregon Health Plan. The metrics will be used to help drive improvement and innovation under the state’s health system transformation plan.

Barney Speight Isn't Kidding When He Says He's Retiring

Before leaving state government, however, Speight had some words of wisdom about the future of coordinated care organizations.


May 10, 2013 – This time around Barney Speight insists it's for real. On July 1, he's stepping down as special assistant to the director of the Oregon Health Authority, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, and intends to retire – for good.


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