OCHIN Launches Acuere Health Care Data Aggregation System

Seamless integration and easy navigation help clinicians deliver better care and outcomes while lowering costs

Nonprofit health IT, research, and data innovation organization OCHIN today announced the launch of Acuere, a real-time data aggregation system that allows health care organizations to enhance care delivery and improve business operations.

Portland-based innovator OCHIN is growing, hiring

Tech nonprofit adds Boston HealthNet contract, more than 15 employees to its 225-member office

Now in its 15th year, Portland-based OCHIN (Oregon Community Health Information Network) is growing by leaps and bounds – providing technical services to a broader range of healthcare providers and adding to its payroll.

Capital Funding of Digital Health Reaches $4 Billion

Yet, Matthew Holt says implementation of electronic medical records is too slow, and consumers need to demand access at the OCHIN and Oregon Medical Association-sponsored symposium.

“As adults, we own a number of complex processes,” such as who we marry, our careers, whether and when to buy a house, have kids, and so on, said Dr. Peter Edelstein, chief medical officer and vice president for Elsevier, the world’s leading publisher of scientific and medical content.

Preliminary Data Shows Decrease in ER Visits

Oregon Health Authority's third-quarter health systems transformation report also shows gains in adoption of electronic health records and the number of patients with primary care homes

The first nine months of data on coordinated care organizations performance show most of Oregon's 16 coordinated care organizations improving in most areas for which benchmarks are available – with a 13 percent dro

Symposium Focuses on Improving Patient Outcomes, Reducing Cost

The symposium, sponsored by the Oregon Medical Association and OCHIN, will also help clinicians with the implementation of the new ICD-10 codes.

Reducing cost, improving patient outcomes and developing stronger relationships between clinicians and their patients are the themes of an upcoming symposium sponsored by OCHIN and the Oregon Medical Association.


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