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Bates Offers Path for CCOs to Roll in Dental Networks

The Lund Report
SB 373 requires CCOs to offer dental contracts to all dental care organizations from 2014 to 2017 before they contract with other dental care providers such as Kaiser Permanente.

This article has been corrected from an earlier version.

April 17, 2013 — Sen. Alan Bates, D-Medford, has pushed a last-minute bill that would require coordinated care organizations to first provide contracts to all the dental care organizations in its geographic area before hiring independent dentists.

Flares Still Brewing Over Integration of Dental Care

The Lund Report
The decision about when and how to integrate dental care into the coordinated care movement is likely to face the legislative assembly

January 30, 2013 -- Mike Shirtcliff insists he’s not trying to derail the transformation process and says that he supports the integration of dental care into coordinated care organizations, better known as CCOs. He just wants to make certain patient care isn’t sidelined by the process. Currently, 650,000 people on Medicaid receive physical and mental health services from the 15 CCOs throughout Oregon.

Petition Delays Integration of Dental Services into CCOs

The Lund Report
Now state officials must wait until June 2013 before dental care can become part of the transformation process

October 11, 2012 -- Dental care is off the radar screen for the time being. State officials had been preparing to integrate dental services into the coordinated care organizations (CCOs) on January 1, and had finalized a memorandum of understanding to seek approval from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Coos Bay Group Seeks to Eliminate Childhood Dental Disease

The Lund Report
Cavity Free Coos Bay is assessing all school children in the district for dental health

January 6, 2012 – A coalition led by Dr. Dane Smith in Coos Bay County is determined to  eliminate dental disease among its children.  

“I’ve heard it said that holes in people’s teeth reflect holes in their heart, and I think there’s truth to that,” said Smith, an oral surgeon in Brookings. “People who have high self-esteem and high expectations for their lives have fewer cavities.” That’s why it takes a whole community to address the issue.

Mike Shirtcliff Committed to Healthcare Transformation

The Lund Report
The CEO of Advantage Dental Plan believes we’re spending too much money on expensive technology and need to redirect those dollars to basic healthcare services

December 5, 2011 -- More expensive technology is saving peoples’ lives at the end of life and leaving more people behind who need basic healthcare services. That has to change, according to Mike Shirtcliff, who’s focusing his energies on transforming Oregon’s healthcare system.

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