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Passage Likely for Care Act for Elderly, People with Mental Illness

The Care Act, a top priority for AARP, provides elderly patients with caregiver assistance before leaving the hospital. A similar policy is moving forward for hospitals to adopt discharge policies for patients whose stay results from a mental health crisis.

The House Health Committee is moving forward with two bills to close a coverage gap -- linking people who need special assistance with information about a caregiver or supportive person before they leave the hospital.

The Failing Stigma and Treatment of Mental Illness

The author maintains it’s time to rethink and change the laws, rules and regulations of HIPAA.

OPINION -- Unless we are all missing something, it seems that the stigma of being declared mentally ill or mentally incompetent is rapidly turning into a nightmare. The most recent evidence, German wings flight 9525’s copilot’s ravenous and murderous behavior.

Lifestyle Intervention Helps People Taking Antipsychotic Medications Lose Weight and Reduce Diabetes Risk

People with serious mental illnesses already at higher risk for obesity; medications that control their symptoms often lead to additional weight gain

People taking antipsychotic medications for serious mental illnesses lost significant amounts of weight and improved their glucose levels by participating in a lifestyle-change program, according to a study funded by the National Institutes of Health and published online in the American Journal o

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