Most Oregon Hospitals Rank High In New LGBTQ+ Equality Index

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The Human Rights Campaign Foundation named 10 Oregon facilities “Equality Leaders” in its 2022 health care index, but four hospitals fell short.

Knopp and Ferrioli Join Senate Dems to Ban Gay Conversion Therapy for Minors

House Bill 2307, which bars licensed health professionals from using therapy designed to change the sexual orientation of juvenile lesbians, gays and bisexuals or the gender identity for transgender youth, awaits Gov. Brown’s signature. Oregon would become the third state to ban this practice.

The Senate voted 21-8 on Thursday to snuff out gay conversion therapy for minors in Oregon, with a trio of conservative Republicans joining all Senate Democrats to block licensed health professionals from deploying psychological therapy aimed at changing a juvenile client’s sexual orientation or

Basic Rights Oregon Wants Ban on Bogus Conversion Therapies for Minors

California became the first state to ban so-called gay conversion therapies for youth in 2012, and a New Jersey court later barred them from that state, deeming such therapy consumer fraud. As the Oregon Psychological Association testified, the evidence shows that reparative therapies are not only ineffective for gay clients, they are harmful, yet they remain in active practice by certain fringe Christian organizations and counselors.

Paul Southwick testified before the House Health Committee that he had his first dose of gay conversion therapy as a student at George Fox University, after a personal conflict over his attraction to other men led to a panic attack.

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