Proposed Liquor Tax Tucked Away In Gov. Kate Brown's Budget

Brown did not ask for a tax on beer or wine in her budget but it does seek a 5 percent increase in the liquor markup -- now at 104 percent -- and a plan to double alcohol licensing fees.

As she finalized her budget proposal for the next two years, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown made no secret of the fact she’d push for higher tobacco taxes, which she believes should play a larger role in funding health care.

Gov. Brown Budget Proposal Targets Health, Housing

The governor's budget includes $722 million in revenues -- including raising the tobacco tax and increasing taxes on hospitals and insurers -- to plug the $830 million funding gap in Medicaid and ensure health care has stable funding over the next six years.

Gov. Kate Brown unveiled a $23.6 billion budget proposal Wednesday that plugs holes in state health funding, seeks to gain ground in an ongoing housing crisis, expands access to voting and sets aside millions for challenging the policies of President Donald Trump.

DEQ Director Says Cleaner Air Oregon Will Continue Without Funding

Advocates say lobbyists from Associated Oregon Industries twisted enough arms in the Oregon Senate to kill an assessment bill, not because they’re afraid of paying, but because of what a proper analysis might direct the state to do to make them stop polluting.

The director of the Department of Environmental Quality told lawmakers on Friday that the Cleaner Air Oregon program will continue, despite the defeat of House Bill 2269, which would have levied a fee on polluters to help fund the analysis of their impact on public health.


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