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Nurse Practitioners Shunned While People Wait for Care

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Spurned by Cascade, independent nurse practitioners want to help solve the primary care backlog in Klamath County. Sky Lakes Medical Center contends that it has added the necessary providers to care for the 50 percent more enrollees who joined last year. This article is the first in a two-part series on healthcare in Klamath County.

There is a long history of animosity and mistrust in Klamath County between independent nurse practitioners and the local coordinated care organization, Cascade Health Alliance, which dates back more than two decades.

Private Sector Takes Over Mental Health Services in Klamath County

Although the transition has been smooth, it’s still too early to tell whether access has actually improved for people on the Oregon Health Plan.

Is Klamath’s mental health system fixed? It's still too early to tell.

Just four months since Klamath County privatized its mental health services, providers are reporting improved collaboration, more efficiency and greater demand from clients.

Klamath County’s Mental Health Services Under Transition

A non-profit will likely begin operating county-provided mental health services later this summer


July 8, 2013—For a few weeks in late May and early June, it looked like Klamath County’s county-operated mental health programs would shut down or be disrupted. But frantic negotiations and the involvement of the Oregon Health Authority is preventing that from happening.

Klamath County Still at Odds Over Mental Health

The Oregon Health Authority has sent in a second mediator to resolve the ongoing issues between county officials and Cascade Health Alliance

December 5, 2012 -- A last-ditch effort is under way in Klamath County to mediate the dispute over mental health services for the nearly 13,000 people on the Oregon Health Plan.

State officials have intervened once again, sending in another mediator, while residents continue circulating petitions, asking the Oregon Health Authority to re-open the bidding process and allow a new coordinated care organization to emerge. But that won’t happen while the mediation process continues, according to Patty Wentz, spokesperson.

Tension Mounts in Klamath County Over CCO

Cascade Health Alliance, which has been certified as the CCO, cannot move forward because of an impasse with county commissioners over mental health services

November 21, 2012 -- The movement to create coordinated care organizations throughout Oregon is riddled with tension in Klamath County where its commissioners are embroiled in a dispute with Cascade Health Alliance over who should be responsible for mental health services.

Cascade Comprehensive Care and Klamath County Commissioner Engage in Public Dispute

Cascade Comprehensive Care insists it receive a letter of support from the board of commissioners supporting their application to be a coordinated care organization

May 9, 2012--What started as a steady stream of emails between Cascade Comprehensive Care and Klamath County Commissioner Cheryl Hukill relating to the managed care organization’s interest in becoming a coordinated care organization turned into a testy public spat in the pages of the Klamath

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