Session Costing Taxpayers Nearly $500,000 Ends With Little Done, Divisions Deeper Than Ever

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Democratic legislative leaders declared the session over on Thursday, blaming the failure on Republican lawmakers who walked out to prevent a quorum and kill a cap-and-trade bill.

Hospitals Build Housing For Chronically Ill Patients

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DENVER — One patient at Denver Health, the city’s largest safety net hospital, occupied a bed for more than four years — a hospital record of 1,558 days.

Another admitted for a hard-to-treat bacterial infection needed eight weeks of at-home IV antibiotics, but had no home.

$20 Million in Funding for Mental Health Housing Available

Oregon Housing and Community Services is now accepting proposals for $20 million in state funds to develop mental health and substance use housing across Oregon.

Affordable housing is in short supply particularly for people living with mental illness and addictions. The $20 million boost can definitely make a difference.

Kotek Supports Bill to Help Homeless with Housing as They Await Federal Help

Many of the state’s homeless people have disabilities that make them eligible for federal Social Security Insurance, but they have nowhere to live while they await approval, causing their condition to worsen. The Human Services Committee plans to reintroduce legislation that would establish a state program to help bring these individuals indoors until federal funding kicks in.

The House Human Services Committee plans to reintroduce a bill that extends a helping hand to the state’s homeless population, particularly those with mental illness, assisting them with housing and incidental expenses while these individuals await federal aid.

County's Annual Homeless Count Wraps Up

The results of the count drive will actually determine funding for social services

February 4, 2013 – It will be months before local officials have compiled all the data from Multnomah County's biennial homeless count, which wrapped up Saturday – but the results of the count will have implications for social services throughout the area for the next two years or longer. Conducting the count is a necessary condition to receiving $12 million for services in the area, including federal funds for homeless services, said Kristina Smock, an independent consultant who was hired on behalf of 211 info and the city of Portland to coordinate the street count.

Two Cities, Three Approaches to Rental Housing Inspections

Gresham, Portland and East Portland take different tacks when it comes to renters' health

September 24, 2012 -- Mold, lead paint dust, rodent infestations and inadequately placed smoke detectors can all adversely affect one's health. And for tenants whose landlords don't quickly respond to and fix those problems, the stress of a difficult, unsafe living situation only makes matters worse.

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