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HIV Prevention Drugs Out of Reach for Many at Risk

Many at risk for the virus cannot afford a drug that's costly but is highly effective at preventing treatment.

Public health officials are expanding efforts to get the HIV prevention pill into the hands of those at risk, in a nationwide effort to curb infections.

Pendleton Senator Wants HIV Information Exchange for Prison Guards at Risk

SB 367 allows prison doctors to disclose information about an inmate’s HIV or Hepatitis status if a correctional officer has been exposed to bodily fluids. A separate bill requires health insurers to continue coverage for children booked in juvenile hall.

Sen. Bill Hansell, R-Pendleton, has introduced two bills that are designed to improve public policy at the intersection of healthcare and corrections, allowing the physicians of prison guards to get information about HIV exposure and closing a loophole to require health insurers to cover medical costs for juveniles held on bail.

Counties Hurt by Reduced HIV Prevention Funding

Throughout the state, counties could lose 30 percent of their budgets as a result of funding cut by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

May 1, 2012 – When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced it was changing the funding algorithm for HIV prevention last year, health officials knew they’d see a reduction in
funds because Oregon is considered a low-prevalence state.

What was uncertain, however, was how the Oregon Health Authority would distribute those funds to county health departments.

CDC Reduces Funding for HIV Prevention

Funding drop is due to low HIV prevalence in Oregon, while the number of people being diagnosed hasn’t changed very much in the last decade

April 12, 2012 -- Oregon ranks in the lowest quartile in the nation in terms of HIV pr

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