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Pharmaceutical Companies Profits Reach 30 Percent, Author Says

Cheaper drugs could be prohibited for VA and Medicaid formularies if pharmaceutical corporations succeed in extending patents through evergreening.

OPINION – May 3, 2013 -- Like sharks, the largest pharmaceutical companies smell blood. They swim in murky international waters, competing for prey. The sick are easy prey—whether rich or poor, insured or not.

Two Opposing Views on Fluoridating Portland's Drinking Water

The first commentary, by Rick North, encourages voters to defeat the ballot measure because of health concerns, lack of effectiveness and higher costs, while the second commentary, by Claudia Colen and Dr. Teran Colen insists the science is clear that fluoride doesn't have any negative health or environmental impacts and is a safe and effective option.

OPINION – APRIL 19, 2013 -- On May 3, ballots will be sent to all Portland voters asking them to vote on fluoridation. The last day to vote will be May 21.

Real Life Consequences of Health Reform

A non-profit organization faces the real challenges of life with Obamacare

OPINION – March 26, 2013 -- A southern Oregon non-profit organization, currently employing 205 employees, is wrestling with the implications of health reform on its organization.

What Interoperable EHRs Might Have Done to Improve the Patient Care Experience

The author insists that patient-centered patient care cannot be realized without Interoperable EHRs shared by all the stakeholders and providers

OPINION – January 30, 2013 -- You will recall in my article last December, about my healthcare experience outside of Oregon, that both the ear doctor and the neurosurgeon professed to have electronic health records (EHRs).

The ear doctor advised that he was using the aircraft control type headset to dictate into my medical record, by pushing the button in his ear.

A Healthcare Odyssey Without Electronic Health Records

The author, special counsel with Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt in Portland, discusses how EHRs can improve quality of care in a more cost-effective manner by sharing his experiences as a patient

OPINION – December 20, 2012 -- In a pre-health reform world without interoperable electronic health records (EHR), or a patient-centered provider collaborative model, my healthcare experiences over the last year or so are all too common.  As a biomedical informatician and healthcare attorney, I will set forth this experience in this article, and then offer some initial thoughts on how interoperable EHRs, and a patient-centered provider collaborative model can afford a greater quality of care, in a more cost-effective manner, with less angst and less time on the par

Making Sense Out of Drug Prices

When the author tried to find out why the cost of her blood pressure medication had gone up by 150%, she was left fumbling for an answer

OPINION – DECEMBER 18, 2012 -- I take a generic drug, a little yellow pill that’s been produced for decades, to control blood pressure. I started taking it long before the day I turned 65 that happened to coincide with the beginnings of the great recession that effectively reduced the value of our savings and our house.


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