Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Bruce Goldberg Is Alive and Well

The former director of the Oregon Health Authority says he's taking life easy and any rumors about his succession plan are unfounded.

Walking into the lobby of the Whitsell Auditorium at the Portland Art Museum last night to attend a movie sponsored by the Jewish Film Festival, who should be standing a few feet away – none other than Bruce Goldberg looking quite relaxed in his blue jeans and T-shirt – no longer in his business

Goldberg’s Exit Shifts Medicaid Transformation into Uncertain Waters

Rep. Mitch Greenlick thinks it was a mistake for the governor to “scapegoat” Goldberg for Cover Oregon’s problems. The outgoing Oregon Health Authority director has been at the center of the state’s attempts to expand healthcare access and reform the delivery system for Medicaid. But others think his exit could be a chance to change a dysfunctional culture at the Oregon Health Authority.

The fallout from the Cover Oregon debacle will not be limited to the failed online insurance exchange and could have major repercussions throughout Oregon’s health system and the coordinated care organization reform efforts, largely due to the loss of longtime public servant Dr. Bruce Goldberg.

Last week, Gov. John Kitzhaber announced Goldberg’s resignation -- the health policy leader took responsibility for his role in the state’s failure to effectively manage lackluster web developer Oracle. While Goldberg headed up the Oregon Health Authority, the California technology giant sent Oregon a large infrastructure of bad codes rather than the functioning Amazon.com-style website it had promised, leaving Oregon as the only state where consumers cannot sign up for private health insurance online without assistance.

Steiner Hayward Wants to Let Parents Take Kids Out of OHP and onto Cover Oregon

Senate Bill 1526 would order the state to seek a federal waiver to let Oregon redirect money from coordinated care organizations to private insurance companies and help bail out Cover Oregon by allowing it to collect a commission.

Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, D-Portland, released a bill Tuesday that could allow parents who qualify for Cover Oregon subsidies to take their kids out of the Oregon Health Plan and instead buy subsidized insurance on the exchange for them.

Goldberg Tries to Shift Cost Containment Talk Away from Insurance Division

To hold down costs, the state health director emphasized getting more health plans to follow the care model principles employed by CCOs rather than focusing attention on the ability of the Insurance Division to hold insurance companies accountable for cost controls during premium rate hike approvals.

Sept. 11, 2013 — Gov. John Kitzhaber tasked the Oregon Health Policy Board with four areas to hold down healthcare costs, including greater oversight of rate requests by insurance companies. But the state health director, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, downplayed rate review as a way of bringing down costs at Tuesday’s meeting of the policy board.

Barney Speight Isn't Kidding When He Says He's Retiring

Before leaving state government, however, Speight had some words of wisdom about the future of coordinated care organizations.


May 10, 2013 – This time around Barney Speight insists it's for real. On July 1, he's stepping down as special assistant to the director of the Oregon Health Authority, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, and intends to retire – for good.

Barney Speight Returns to State Government

This time around he’s working as a special assistant to Bruce Goldberg

August 15, 2012 -- Barney Speight is back at state government again. After leaving earlier last year to join the ODS Companies, Speight has returned to the Oregon Health Authority – this time as a special assistant to Dr. Bruce Goldberg, director.

One Out-of-State Organization Questions Becoming a Coordinated Care Organization

It’s unclear if two others still intend to apply, but they face different challenges different from local organizations

June 7, 2012—Many were shocked when two large, publicly traded companies sent letters of intent to the Oregon Health Authority expressing their intention to apply to become a coordinated care organization. Now it’s not clear if they, or a third out-of-state organization, will even apply.

Panel on Health Reform Focuses on Ditching the Insurance Industry

Prominent healthcare critics speaking in Portland staunchly support and defend a single payer system

April 27, 2012—Three prominent critics of the country’s current healthcare system and ardent reform advocates appeared in Portland today to discuss their views on health reform, President Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and what ought to be done to ensure that everyone has access to quality healthcare.

Insurance Agents to Play Critical Role in Oregon’s Insurance Exchange

At the same time, agents will need special training and have to meet specific criteria to become eligible

April 16, 2012--The Oregon Health Insurance Exchange wants to train and use insurance agents to help uninsured individuals and small businesses purchase insurance starting in 2014. But questions remain about the role of insurance agents and their impact on consumers who may rely on them for advice. 

Policy Board Voices Little Concern About CCO Letters of Intent

April 12, 2012—A presentation about the number of organizations intending to become coordinated care organizations (CCOs) by August drew little discussion from the Oregon Health Policy Board on Tuesday.

The authority received 47 letters of intent from every county and area of the state. “We look at that as being an enthusiastic response,” Judy Mohr Peterson, the authority’s director of medical assistance programs, told the board. “We have a lot of interest.”


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