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Report: Climate Change To Burden Oregon Health Systems

Oregon is likely to see more heat-related deaths, and extremes in weather could create more chronic health issues and lead to more stress, the report says.

Climate change is already having a tangible impact on the Pacific Northwest, and Oregon’s health care and social systems will likely bear a significant burden.

Can how much you drive and what lights up your home impact your health?

Emily York, climate and health program coordinator for the Oregon Health Authority, told participants at the Oregon Public Health Institute’s Community Conversation on Climate Change & Health that Oregon was one of only six states to receive initial funding from the Centers for Disease Control for climate change pilot programs.

Now -- as three years of work in Multnomah, Benton, Crook, Jackson and the North Central region that includes Sherman, Wasco and Gilliam counties transitions to the next phase – Emily York, climate and health program coordinator for the Oregon Health Authority,   said Oregon is starting to prepare a state-level plan based on what it learned in that mix of rural and urban areas

‎Climate Change Driven Home by Oregon Environmental Council

The Cleveland Clinic is dealing with climate change by building resilient communities, and has also cut electricity use by 5 percent.

Cars and coal each account for a quarter of Oregon’s pollution with Oregon’s future headed for hotter summers and wetter winters due to the impact of climate change. That message was driven home at a climate change forum sponsored by the Oregon Environmental Council last week.

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