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Oregon’s All Payer All Claims Data Base Received an F

The author calls into question Milliman’s role as a healthcare clearinghouse and is the glue between Oregon’s two databases held by Q-Corp and the Oregon Health Authority. The Oregon Insurance Division contracts with both entities to review rates for individual and small group coverage. 


Cover Oregon Debacle Calls into Question the Cost of Big Data

The author contends that the failure to implement Cover Oregon could have a much more far reaching impact with the owners of big data and proprietary systems having the upper hand.

OPINION --The public execution of Cover Oregon wasn’t a dignified death. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver debuted this past Sunday. With “bleepless swearing,” the former “British news correspondent” for The Daily Show” lambasted Indian elections… and Cover Oregon.

Big Data and Lawful Threats to Privacy

This author contends that 20th century privacy laws are not keeping up with 21st Century technology when it comes to protecting our most sensitive data.

OPINION -- “As some put it, personal data will be the new "oil" - a valuable resource of the 21st century. It will emerge as a new asset class touching all aspects of society.”

Poorest Oregonians Could Be Hurt By Obamacare

The author encourages Sens. Merkley and Wyden to co-sponsor legislation that would stop the subsidization of multimillion dollar corporate bonuses.

OPINION -- The Oregon Health Authority took a pratfall on technological snags of Cover Oregon. Obamacare has other snags that will create new holes in already fragile safety nets. These snags could trip the poorest Oregonians who, limited to the Oregon Health Plan, might forfeit their homes and health care options.

Pharmaceutical Companies Profits Reach 30 Percent, Author Says

Cheaper drugs could be prohibited for VA and Medicaid formularies if pharmaceutical corporations succeed in extending patents through evergreening.

OPINION – May 3, 2013 -- Like sharks, the largest pharmaceutical companies smell blood. They swim in murky international waters, competing for prey. The sick are easy prey—whether rich or poor, insured or not.

Microsoft's Virtual Gold Mine: Health and Education Data

OPINION -- February 17, 2012 -- If we open Microsoft®’s Health Vault, we’ll open Pandora’s box to cyber harms that cannot be undone. Microsoft, Google and Facebook seem to think data sharing makes them our blood brothers. That shouldn’t give them the right to torment us with personalized advertising and other threats as our new Big Brothers.

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