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Quick Look: Federal Investigators Subpoena Zoom Health Plan

State officials have confirmed they are assisting a federal investigation into Zoom Health, which is in receivership, even as they proceed with a lawsuit against Zoom Management.

The exact nature of a federal investigation into Zoom Health Plan is not clear, but officials with the company, as well as state insurance regulators and a several current and former employees, all have confirmed that investigators delivered a subpoena to CEO Dave Sanders on Thursday morning.

As Federal Investigators Look Into Zoom Health Plan, Former Employee Lays Out Allegations

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A high-level former insider who was questioned by the FBI after reporting concerns about the health plan detailed concerns about Zoom in an exclusive Lund Report interview.

Federal investigators served a subpoena on Zoom Health Plan on Thursday, four months after former employees reported the failed insurance company to the FBI for possibly fraudulent activity, according to state officials and a former high-level insider who has cooperated with the investigation.

Focus on Social Determinants of Health Pushes Caregivers into New Terrain

At CCO Oregon-sponsored conference, major healthcare players discussed how investments in housing, food security and transportation can play a key role in improving the health of their patients.

Oregon’s coordinated care organizations have embarked on experiments across the state aimed at learning whether spending resources outside of traditional medical care can help boost the health of their members.

St. Charles Health Slows Hiring and Scales Back Amid Financial Shortfalls

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Some current and former employees of the Bend-based nonprofit are criticizing the chain for business decisions it has made and fear layoffs, but the St. Charles CFO says its challenges are common across all Oregon hospitals.

Bend-based St. Charles Health has slowed hiring, cut employee reimbursements, taken a fresh look at its big-budget construction plans, and says there’s more to come as it responds to an increasingly challenging economic environment for hospitals in Oregon and across the country.

Blumenauer: US Could Have Single Payer Care Within A Decade

Portland-based Democratic Congressman spoke Tuesday to a supportive crowd about the role Oregon could play in changing the national healthcare debate.

U.S. Congressman Earl Blumenauer touted single-payer healthcare as a solution to the nation’s tangled and expensive system of care on Tuesday, in a speech before a politically supportive audience at First Unitarian Church of Portland.

Mental Health Discussion Reveals Disagreements About Oregon’s Best Path Forward

Though fellow panelists at Wednesday’s Oregon Health Forum breakfast seemed to agree with Congressman Earl Blumenauer’s defense of the Affordable Care Act, they shared wide-ranging views on how specifically to improve care for the state’s mentally ill.

Oregon may see itself as a national healthcare leader, but when it comes to meeting the needs of people with mental illness and addiction the state ranks dead last, behind every other U.S. state and also below Washington, D.C.

Last Chance: Get Tickets for Look at Legal Marijuana's Health Consequences

Panelists will include a leading researcher on the link between opioid use and cannabis, an OHSU expert on substance abuse disorders will also be on the panel, and Oregon’s state epidemiologist

Researchers have found surprising statistical correlations as legal marijuana use has spread across the country. In states with medical cannabis, Medicare and Medicaid programs spend less on prescription drugs.

Oregon Health Authority Disputes Auditor’s Allegations It Misused Medicaid Funds

An audit by the Oregon Secretary of State’s office found that health officials may not have adequately checked to see if people met Medicaid requirements before enrolling them in health plans. But the health authority says the audit missed key context, including a federal waiver governing Medicaid renewals.

Two powerful Oregon agencies are butting heads over whether the state is using federal Medicaid dollars correctly.


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