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Zoom Care Makes Medicaid Pitch; CareOregon Not Yet Interested

Documents obtained by The Lund Report outline Zoom's attempt to negotiate with one of the state’s largest coordinated care providers.

Zoom Care is trying to sell itself as a money-saver for one of Oregon’s largest Medicaid contractors. But so far, CareOregon is not buying.

Moda Challenges Federal Ruling

The insurer has been fighting for two years to be paid funds it says were guaranteed under the Affordable Care Act.

Moda Health on Monday asked federal courts to give it another chance at the $214 million payment it was denied last month.

OHSU Leaders Approve $3 Billion Spending Plan

OHSU aerial photo
The university is paying down its Public Employees Retirement System, or PERS, debt faster than required and making minor cuts as it anticipates the risk of an economic downturn.

OHSU’s board voted unanimously to approve a $3 billion spending plan for the fiscal year that starts July 1, a 6 percent increase from 2018.

Report: The Higher the Drug Prices, the More Industry Benefits

[image of pills]
In the latest look at drug prices, a study released Tuesday shows that higher prices benefit key players involved in the distribution -- not the development -- of drugs. Consumers and Medicare foot the bill.

Insurance companies, investors and middlemen are making billions of dollars off prescription drugs – even when they don’t research, develop or make the pills themselves, according to a report out Tuesday from Democrats on the U.S.

Will CCO 2.0 Go Far Enough?

Leaders push for bridges, not silos, among providers for the next stage of Medicaid in Oregon.

Oregon needs to break down the silos that keep doctors, dentists, therapists and other providers from working together, for the state to succeed in reinventing the co


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