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High Blood Pressure May Go Unscreened in ZoomCare Visits

The Lund Report
A 43-year-old ZoomCare patient’s high blood pressure went undetected until she surfaced at a safety-net clinic after the for-profit clinic skipped the basic check

January 28, 2013 -- Abigail Lawrence doesn’t have health insurance, a side effect of her career in community theater. The 43-year-old seldom seeks any medical care as a result, and had trouble recalling a doctor’s visit in the past 10 years.

CMS Approves Accountability Measures

The Lund Report
The coordinated care organizations will be graded on 17 metrics regarding access and quality of care, and be rewarded additional funds from a bonus pool

January 16, 2013 -- The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has given final approval to a waiver that includes a list of 17 accountability measures for Oregon’s new coordinated care organizations, which are providing care to the state’s Medicaid population through the Oregon Health Plan.

CMS ordered a last-minute adjustment that requires the CCOs to monitor the follow-up care for children who receive drugs for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Oregon Gives CCOs Financial Incentives for Quality Care

The Lund Report
A portion of the state’s increase in federal Medicaid funding will go to coordinated care organizations that show improvement in key areas

December 18, 2012 -- The Oregon Health Authority wants to give financial bonuses to the new coordinated care organizations if they can show good healthcare access as well as emphasize preventive practices such as mental health screening and good maternal healthcare.

Medicaid Expansion Offers Richer Benefits to 200,000 Oregonians

The Lund Report
The public has 30 days to comment before the Oregon Heath Policy Board makes a decision


December 13, 2012 -- The 200,000 Oregonians expected to qualify for Medicaid coverage in 2014 will receive more robust benefits if the Oregon Health Policy Board approves a recommendation from the Medicaid Advisory Committee.

Now many low-income adults lack the dental, rehabilitative and optical care required by the Affordable Care Act, which expands Medicaid coverage to 133% of the poverty line. Those newcomers would receive care in the Oregon Health Plan Plus that’s already offered to children, pregnant women and people with certain disabilities.

State Panel Works to Hammer out Healthcare Worker Rules

The Lund Report
Oregon plans to hire hundreds of non-traditional healthcare workers as part of its coordinated care organization transformation

December 12, 2012 -- Dr. Ralph Eccles can tell his patients they should eat a better diet, quit smoking, exercise more and watch less TV.

But they might not listen to a high-minded physician, and could lack the tools to develop better habits. Instead, the diabetes specialist at Oregon Health & Science University-Cascades East said this is a job for community health workers, such as personal health navigators — who can help people reduce the need for costly, routine hospitalizations and add years to their lives.


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