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Tribal Members Given Assurances about Health Insurance Exchange

The Exchange also received more than 700 comments about requirements for qualified health plans that will be posted on its website next week

September 20, 2012 -- Once the health insurance exchange gets up and running next October, the 30,000 tribal members likely to participate won’t have to worry about their rights being violated, according to Rocky King, executive director.

“The intent is for insurers – qualified health plans – to have contracts with tribal clinics throughout the state so people can get services, and I’ve not heard of any major barriers,” he said.

Health Insurance Exchange Hires Tribal Analyst

Jim Roberts, policy analyst with the Indian Health Board, is hopeful Sonciray Bonnell will be able to make the hard policy calls

August 22, 2012 -- To bridge the gap between tribal members and the Oregon Health Insurance Exchange, Sonciray Bonnell has been hired as a tribal health community analyst.

Tribal Health Advocates Worry About New CCO System

Oregon Health Authority, native health experts say specialty access not out of reach to non-enrollees

July 25, 2012 -- Healthcare advocates are concerned that American Indians who choose not to participate in a coordinated care organization (CCO) will have difficulty getting access to specialty care. On August 1, CCOs begin integrating physical, dental and mental healthcare for about 650,000 people who qualify for Medicaid.

Tribal Concerns in Health Exchange Spotlight

American Indian and state leaders signed a contract last week to work through details of qualifications and outreach

March 2, 2012 -- It’s been a busy month in Oregon’s world of health policy, but perhaps nowhere more so than the intersection between tribal health issues and the health insurance exchange.

Even though the financial future of the Oregon Health Insurance Exchange suffered a setback by going back to committee during this short legislative session, both tribal and exchange leaders expect nothing will change in terms of the guaranteed insurance funding and basic administrative structure.

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